UK Cop Caught 'Assaulting' Man On Wheelchair On Cam; Norfolk Police Launches Probe

Local Policing Commander Chief Inspector Matt Dyson said that the matter will also be referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

The policeman was seen hitting and punching the man on wheelchair. Photo: X

An investigation has been launched into a police officer in the United Kingdom after he a video of him allegedly assaulting a man on a wheelchair during arrest went viral on the internet.

The incident took place outside Londis shop on St Peter's Road in Great Yarmouth at 5:16 pm, when a patrol officer came across a man being "verbally abusive" on the street, the Norfolk Police said.

Local Policing Commander Chief Inspector Matt Dyson said, "We are aware of a video circulating on social media. The matter has been referred to the Professional Standards Department and we are carrying out a thorough investigation of the circumstances, including a review of the officer's body worn video."

Dyson noted that the matter will also be referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). "We recognise the public concern around the level of force used in this incident and this will form part of our investigation," Dyson added.

In the video, the police officer is seen punching a man in wheelchair multiple times and pushing him while trying to arrest him.

Disclaimer: Viewers discretion advised. This video may be triggering to some of you. In such cases, please refrain.

A witness of the incident, Carla Carvalho -- working at a nearby shop -- said that the man was "dancing and all happy" when the policeman went and stopped him.

"He was trying to get with a bottle of beer in hand and I think the police guy thinks he was going to throw the bottle at him," Carvalho told BBC.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Londis shop, Justin Fenn said that his CCTV cameras captured the incident from several angles.

Describing the incident, Fenn said that the man was brandishing a bottle, when the confrontation with the policeman took place. "The police officer got the pepper spray. He's asking for assistance," he said.

The cop seems to be spraying on the man and taking hold of the wheelchair when the tussle between the two ensues. "The officer got the bottle and the man caught hold of the spray, then the policeman tries to get it back," Fenn told BBC.

Following the incident, the Norfolk Police said, a man in his 30s was arrested for a Section 5 public officer offence of causing harassment, alarm or distress and assaulting an emergency worker. The arrested person was taken to the Great Yarmouth Police Investigation for questioning.