Surprise Reshuffle, Kharkiv Assault And Putin's Visit To China: Where Does The Russia-Ukraine War Stand

As the Russia-Ukraine War enters Day 810, President Putin is acting on his goal for war in Ukraine with his surprise cabinet reshuffle. Meanwhile, Ukraine continues to fight as its weapons deplete every day. Read here for the latest update on the Russia-Ukraine war.

Surprise Reshuffle, Kharkiv Assault And Putin's Visit To China: Where Does The Russia-Ukraine War Stand Photo: AP

As the Russia-Ukraine War crosses 800 days of fighting, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a surprise cabinet reshuffle which further reflects his goal to make war and not peace in Ukraine. Meanwhile, in light of growing Russian aggression and depleting weapons, US Secretary of State made a surprise visit to Kyiv.

Russia Ukraine War Enters Day 810

Blinken Land In Kyiv After Ukraine's SOS For Weapons

On Friday, Russia intensified its attack in the Kharkiv region, especially in the town of Vovchansk, and are continuing to march their way forward and inside Ukraine. This town, which was liberated from Russian control over 18 months ago, has now fallen back into the same hands.

And Russian aggression at the border increases, not only are Ukrainian forces thinly stretched, they are running out of weapons

In an interview with the Economist earlier this month, Major-General Vadym Skibitsky, deputy head of Ukrainian Military Intelligence stated that Ukraine has no weapon.

Our problem is very simple: We have no weapons. They always knew April and May would be a difficult time for us,” Skibitsky told the Economist. With the Kharkiv attack, the Ukrainian official's predictions have become a reality.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also landed in Kyiv for a surprise visit as Ukraine continues to urge US to send more weapons.

As per an official from the State department, Blinken is in Kyiv to talk about American assistance for the country and to "help shore up their defences and enable them to increasingly take back the initiative on the battlefield".

Meanwhile, the US Department of Defence has stated that they are working to send more weapons and defence systems to Ukraine in light of Russia's Kharkiv assault.

Putin Acts On Goal Of 'No Peace'

In December 2023, Putin stated that there will be no peace in or with Ukraine until Russia completes its goals. As the war rages on, Putin's actions are more and more aligned to his goal of war in Ukraine.

In a surprise reshuffle, Russian President Vladimir Putin sacked his defence minister only to make him the new head of the Russian security council. Sergei Shoigu was removed from his post as defence minister after 12 years of service and made the Secretary of the Security Council, a post which had been held by Nikolai Patrushev since 2008.

In place of Shoigu, Deputy Prime Minister and Economist Andrei Belousov was named as the defence minister. As per reports, Putin's pick comes in order to shift focus on strengthening Russian military through economic measures.

While Belousov's comes as a wildcard, his appointment reflects Putin's goal to align war efforts with the economic strategies as he hopes to expand further into Ukraine.

Putin Headed To China Next Week

Furthermore, Putin is also reportedly headed for a visit to China where he will be reunited with his 'dear friend' Chinese President Xi Jinping.

As per state run TASS agency, Putin is set to visit Beijing on May 16 and 17. This visit will be the first since Putin started his fifth term as President.

Putin's visit comes amid growing aggression in Ukraine. China, which has been Moscow's closest ally for a long time, has often been criticized for its support for Russia amid the Ukraine war. China has also been accused of supplying Russia with weapons and arms in its fight against Kyiv.

With no end in sight for the war, the situation in Ukraine remains "difficult and tense". As per the latest reports from Moscow, Russia has reportedly taken control of parts of Vovchansk. However, Ukraine's military has said that the situation is "under control" despite multiple Russian air strikes.