Diplomats From 30 Countries Witness Progress Of Middle East's First Hindu Stone Temple In Abu Dhabi

Their purpose was to assess the temple's progress and foster a dialogue centered on hope, harmony, and humanity, showcasing the growing cultural bonds between India and the UAE.

Ambassadors and diplomats from over 30 countries visited the under-construction site of the BAPS Hin

Ambassadors and diplomats from more than 30 countries recently visited the under-construction site of the BAPS Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi, marking the Middle East's first traditional Hindu stone temple. The purpose of their visit was to inspect the temple's progress and foster a dialogue centered on hope, harmony, and humanity. The gathering was organized on a special invitation extended by the Ambassador of India to the UAE, Sunjay Sudhir.

The Indian Embassy in the UAE took to Twitter, describing the temple as "Columns of peace & beams of harmony." The diplomats were left in awe by the intricate carvings and motifs representing various world cultures. The temple site, known as @BAPS@AbuDhabiMandir, drew praise for its architectural beauty and cultural significance.

Among the dignitaries in attendance were envoys and representatives from the Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Japan, Indonesia, Israel, Brazil, Belgium, New Zealand, Canada, and Nigeria, as reported by the Khaleej Times newspaper.

During the visit, Ambassador Sudhir provided the ambassadors and their families with an update on the temple's progress since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid its foundation stone in 2018. Sudhir emphasized that the temple project symbolizes the close historical and cultural ties between India and the UAE, highlighting the shared values of peace, harmony, tolerance, and coexistence.

The diplomats had the opportunity to engage with craftsmen and other members of the temple team, expressing their admiration for the craftsmanship and the temple's architectural splendor. They also expressed their hopes to return when the temple opens next year.

Spread across a vast 27-acre site gifted by the UAE government, the BAPS temple is being meticulously constructed with hand-carved structures by Indian temple artisans, brought together in the UAE. The temple's official Twitter account expressed gratitude for the visit, stating that the diplomats' presence sent a hopeful message of harmony and appreciation for the vision of @BAPS, @MohamedBinZayed, and @narendramodi.

The visit to the BAPS Hindu temple further deepened the cultural bonds between India and the UAE, promoting intercultural understanding and unity. The temple's construction stands as a remarkable symbol of peace, tolerance, and harmony, garnering admiration from the diplomatic community and beyond.

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