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This Too Is Exercise! Include These 8 Activities That Are Also Considered A Workout

We think that daily tasks don't make a difference – but even little activities can go a really long way. Know more!


This Too Is Exercise

For the longest time, we've heard that one can't build a healthy lifestyle without exercise. While this is true, it is hard to pack in movement, especially with our hectic schedules. But do we really have to spend two to three hours in the gym to see a difference? Not really if you include daily activities as part of your routine, because they are as effective.

Previously, people didn't have to go out to really 'work out' – they incorporated daily chores and moved their bodies. Today, it's a different ballgame, that's why we don't really find the time. But guess what? There are some daily tasks that can be considered good workouts. Are you ready to learn more about them?

  1.  Taking care of your lawn

     Of course, this may sound like a joke – but it's true! Taking care of your lawn is a legitimate exercise and will help you exercise your body. How? That's because it provides cardiovascular benefits. In fact, when you mow the lawn, there's a lot of functional movement that is required.

  2. Running errands

     Did you know your weekly neighbourhood errand run could do you some good? That's because this includes a lot of walking, running, lifting, and several other movements. The next time you haven't had a good workout all week – you know what to do!

  3.   Cleaning the house

    Once again, cleaning the house is an activity that may sound simple, but it can really offer health benefits like no other. While you make your den spick and span, you are bound to move around a lot – whether it's climbing and going down a staircase several times, pushing and pulling the mop, or dusting around. That is good enough to burn a whole lot of calories!

  4.   Walking your dog

     If you have a dog, be assured that it's not just your mental health but also your physical health that will benefit. When you take your dog on a walk, say both in the morning and evening, you are increasing your step count, without even realising it.

  5. Walking around in daily intervals

     Most of us sit before our laptops all day long – no wonder, that leads to a sedentary lifestyle. How about getting up and moving your body every 30 minutes? Yes, it's super simple and inexpensive too. Plus, it's one of the best exercises to increase your stamina and uplifts your mood.

  6.  Taking public transport

     Of course, taking your car everywhere is simple. But how about doing something for your health as well as for the planet? Use public transport. Try and walk to the nearest bus or metro station, take the stairs instead of the lift, and you will be ready to hit your weekly step count target. Isn't that something that can be done without thought? We think it's a big YES!

  7.  Playing with kids

     If you have kids, you know they can be a complete riot, but they also spread so much joy. How about taking out a little time and playing with them? Get involved in their activities, instead of just lying on that couch and watching TV. Not only will this be a whole lot of fun, but it will also get you moving.

  8.   Dancing

    This is one of the best exercises, because it really doesn't seem like one. You could either play your favourite music and move your body – or go to a club over the weekend and showcase those hook steps. All in all, it's a great way to move your entire body, and work those heart muscles.

 The last word

By now, you know exercise doesn't only mean hitting the gym. There are several ways in which you can move your body and stay healthy. So, try out these workouts and see what floats your boat!