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'Wedding Impossible' Actress Jeon Jong-seo Accused Of School Bullying; Agency Denies Allegations

Jeon Jong-seo's management agency has refuted allegations of school bullying and threatened to take legal action against those who spread false rumours.

Jeon Jong-seo Photo: IMDb

Jeon Jong-seo, who’s currently basking in the recently concluded K-Drama ‘Wedding Impossible,’ has been slammed with allegations of school bullying. This has ignited controversy across several online platforms, drawing significant attention, bringing attention to the star’s behaviour during her school days.

An anonymous netizen, alleging to have attended the same middle school in Yeongdeungpo as the actress, expressed concerns, stating that Jong-seo “stole other kids’ uniforms and athletic uniforms at her whim, cursed at them if they refused to hand their uniforms over, and became wrapped up in fights.” The alleged victim also went on to state that they have seen many other accusations against the star but all of them have been taken down by her agency, as per Allkpop.

Soon after this emerged on the internet, on April 4, ‘The Call’ actress’ agency, ANDMARQ, released a statement, slamming all these allegations.

“First, we would like to express our gratitude to all the fans who support and cherish our actress Jeon Jong-seo. We have been made aware of false information and rumours related to actress Jeon Jong-seo spreading through online communities and social media. We can no longer ignore these false statements, so we are releasing our position on this matter,” the statement read.

It continued, “As soon as we noticed the post from the online community, we carefully checked the facts with the actress herself and people around her, and we confirmed that the claims in the post are not true at all. We refrained from responding officially as we judged it to be a clear falsehood, but we intend to take strong action against the spread of false information as speculative posts and malicious comments are being written and circulated indiscriminately, causing serious mental harm to the actress and those around her. Therefore, we plan to take necessary legal action through a law firm to protect the actress.”

The agency then went on to assert that they will actively be responding to all malicious posts and baseless rumours that aim at defaming the actress. The statement ended with the agency promising to “protect the honour and rights” of the actress.

On the professional front, the actress, who debuted in 2018, was last seen in ‘Wedding Impossible.’ She will next be seen in ‘The Queen ‘Woo.’’