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Sunny Leone On ‘Earning Her Place’ At The Cannes Film Festival: It’s Beyond My Wildest Dreams

Sunny Leone credited Anurag Kashyap for letting her explore her character in ‘Kennedy’.

Sunny Leone at Cannes 2023

Actor Sunny Leone is currently in Cannes for her debut at the 76th Cannes Film Festival. She is present at the event with filmmaker Anurag Kashyap and actor Rahul Bhat for the premiere of their film ‘Kennedy’. Talking from the Cannes Film Festival, Sunny mentioned that despite being anxious, she knows she has ‘earned’ her place at the film festival.

Before making her red carpet appearance, Sunny had a chat with film journalist Anupama Chopra and revealed that she never imagined in her ‘wildest dreams’ that she would come so far. “It’s beyond my wildest dreams; coming to India, being a part of Bigg Boss, being part of films, people saying so many awful, horrible things… trying to push past those things, look at the positive, trying to break barriers and break people’s stereotypes they have of me or what I’ll be like or who I am, I have earned to be in this film. I auditioned for this. Someone said, ‘Yes, you are good enough to be in this’,” she said.

Adding that her journey has ‘definitely’ not been easy, Sunny stated, “Only I, my husband, and my team know what I have gone through.”

Sharing her experience of working in ‘Kennedy’ with Anurag Kashyap, Sunny said, “The difficult part was I wanted to, in my mind, meet up the mark of some of the people he (Kashyap) has worked with, the actors he has worked with.” 

“He told me the mannerisms he wants from the character and that is something a director has never asked me to do. Either I had to come up with them or ask them…so many different things I wanted to do in different films but they didn’t come true because of ‘different’ requirements of people I worked with,” Sunny added.

Sunny also shared her pictures from the French Riviera as she donned a green gown.

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