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Shriya Pilgaonkar: In Your 30s, You’re Not Single, You Are Unmarried

The second episode of Bumble’s web series ‘Dating These Nights’ was released last night and it stars Shriya Pilgaonkar and Mrunal Thakur. The two actresses spill the beans on dating in their 30s and the societal pressures that they have to deal with always.

Shriya Pilgaonkar

Is there a right age to find love? If so, who determines that? Actors Shriya Pilgaonkar and Mrunal Thakur come together to debunk preconceived societal notions about dating in your 30s in the web series ‘Dating These Nights’ on Bumble. The second episode was released last night.

We are conditioned to make a big deal about turning 30. Women are expected to have it all together as they turn 30. In the second episode of ‘Dating These Nights’, Shriya Pilgaonkar and Mrunal Thakur discuss exactly the same.

Talking about the same, Pilgaonkar shares, “In your 30s, you are not single, you are unmarried!”

She took to revealing that she feels there is external pressure and unnecessary jibes coming at women when they reach a certain age. Today, modern relationships are more mature. “You are also seeing all kinds of relationships. I have a friend who got divorced a couple of years back but is genuinely very close friends with her ex-husband,” adds Pilgaonkar.

She further comments on how outdated societal notions and expectations of you are when you’re in your 30s and that affects us. “By this time, you should have had an xyz career, that much money in your bank, a marriage, a child and often you end up questioning yourself because maybe you are not following this momentum. But I think it's better to take your time with it rather than it collapsing eventually,” Pilgaonkar adds.

It is worth acknowledging that no matter your age, your relationship with yourself is of utmost importance. Pilgaonkar reflects on her own journey saying, “In my 20s I was very over-critical of myself. Perhaps there was a phase of insecurity. But over a period of time when you are evolving as a person. Because you are comfortable with yourself you are not going to settle, which is not necessarily a bad thing.”

Thakur reflects on her own personal journey saying, “There is something sexy about turning 30! For me settling down is having fun, being happy and it is very important for you to settle down mentally in order to settle down with someone.” Pilgaonkar agrees and adds, “There is no fixed timeline to settling down.”

Pilgaonkar and Thakur emphasise the need to have meaningful conversations around modern romance and dating, saying age-old societal norms need a reset button. They are happy to encourage more women to take charge of their dating journeys.