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SEVENTEEN's Leader S.Coups Exempted From Military Service; Agency Issues A Statement Regarding Band's Comeback

SEVENTEEN's S.Coups has been granted exemption from military service due to a severe knee injury sustained last year.


S.Coups Photo: Instagram

Renowned K-Pop band SEVENTEEN’s leader S.Coups has been granted exemption from military service due to a severe knee injury sustained last year. Following a recent physical examination for his mandatory service assignment, S.Coups was declared fully exempt from service due to his recent injuries.

For those not familiar, all able-bodied, healthy men are required to serve in the South Korean Army for 18-22 months.

Now on March 1, his agency, PLEDIS Entertainment, officially announced, “Due to a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee joint, S.Coups underwent anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery and antero-lateral ligament reconstruction surgery. Because it was a major surgery, he has been undergoing physical rehabilitation therapy for a long time, starting from last year up until now.”


The agency continued, “As a result, he was classified as Grade 5.” Under South Korea’s conscription system, individuals classified as Grade 5 are exempt from mandatory military service during times of peace. This implies that S.Coups is entirely exempt unless the nation is in a state of war, and only then will he be required to carry out public service duties to help the military.

Back in August 2023, S.Coups, whose real name is Choi Seung-cheol, experienced a ligament tear in his left knee while filming. This injury led to a necessary surgery, followed by a prolonged treatment, necessitating the SEVENTEEN member to halt all promotional activities. Since then, he has made very less public appearances, and has focused more on his recovery.


But now, a recent announcement revealed that he has been improving well, and will resume band activities, provided he refrains from excessive physical activity. Both he and another member, Jeonghan, who also took a break from all activities, are set to reunite with the entire group for their upcoming encore concert at the Incheon Asiad Main Stadium on March 30 and 31.

As for SEVENTEEN, the agency also addressed various rumours that have been surfacing about the band’s comeback with a new album in April. They stated, “We will make an official announcement regarding [SEVENTEEN’s] precise comeback schedule at a later date.” Anticipations among their fans, CARATs, are high that the group will unveil new music shortly after the encore concert in Korea.