Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

Gurnam Bhullar: Punjabi Films May Not Be Well Known, But The Entire Country Grooves On Punjabi Beats

Gurnam Bhullar talks about his film 'Sohreyan Da Pind Aa Gaya’ which is all set to premiere on Zee5. He is paired opposite Sargun Mehta in the film.

Gurnam Bhullar
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In the present times, many south Indian films have received recognition across the nation. Do you think that Punjabi cinema deserves the same national recognition but is not getting it yet?

Punjabi films may not be well known, but at least the entire country of India grooves on Punjabi beats more. South Indian films use more VFX in addition to the story of the film.

Were there any challenges that you faced during the film? What is your most memorable moment from this film?

Not precisely, but considering that I've previously performed romantic roles, it was unusual to play a rival or a target of revenge.

How was it reuniting with Sargun Mehta after ‘Surkhi Bindi’? Tell us about your equation with her.

Oh! That was fun, we both are mischievous and fun-loving, our chemistry is thankfully really good and I look forward to it.

What do you think is the USP of the film? And for people who haven’t watched it yet, what would you say to them now that it is released on OTT?

Everything about the movie is unique, including the songs, the plot, and even the vengeance moments, which are mostly humorous.

How would you react in real life if someone you love was getting married to someone else?

I get attached too soon, so it would be difficult for me to adapt the reality.

You are one of the biggest names in Punjabi cinema today. Are you content with that or do you strive to get the same recognition nationally?

I don't like to miss any opportunity so I would positively grab it.