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‘Doobey’ To ‘Kesariya’ To ‘Rangi Saari’ – Songs That Were A Rage At New Year's Eve Parties

Here are a few songs that not only melted hearts throughout 2022 but were also a raging success at every New Year’s Eve party.

Varun Dhawan And Kiara Advani In A Still From 'Rangi Saari'

With 2023 having begun with a bang, we have to look back at the best songs that time and again were on your playlist all year long in 2022 and also became a rage during the New Year’s Eve parties. While some old songs revived the magic of the music industry, some folk songs went on to create waves across the country. Some songs came and literally made us go all ‘Doobey’ in life and some taught us that the colour of our love is ‘Kesariya’.

More than anything, we have thoroughly enjoyed every verse of these top numbers. Here is a look at the songs which broke the internet and trended throughout the year 2022, and also were a rage during the parties on New Year’s Eve.

‘Doobey’ (‘Gehraiyaan’)

‘Doobey’ from ‘Gehraiyaan’ came across as an easy breezy song with catchy instrumental music and deep lyrics. Several reels and social media edits are still being made to this song. Not only that, the song warmed the hearts of the netizens and became the smashing hit of the year.

‘Kesariya’ (‘Brahmastra’)

‘Kesariya’ became a hit amongst lovers. Several fan videos were made where the nation danced to the beats of ‘Kesariya’. Numerous Instagram reels were made on this song even when just a teaser of it was released.

‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Title Track’ (‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’)

With a tint of nostalgia and a mix of modernity, ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’s title track broke all records and became the most trending song since the time it was released. It was the party number we needed badly and if not for this song, we wouldn't know what beats would we be dancing to at the NYE parties.

‘Rangi Saari’ (‘Jugjugg Jeeyo’)

This folk song turned into a party number for ‘Jugjugg Jeeyo’ and was thoroughly loved and enjoyed by the listeners. This song was trending since the beginning and is still listened to a lot by the audience. The blend of folk and modern-day techno music was what was loved by the fans so much.