All You Need To Know About Krishna’s Butterball In Mahabalipuram

From its unique mythological background to history and much more, find out all about the mysteries rock boulder, the Krishna’s Butterball of Mahabalipuram

The mysterious Krishna’s Butterball of Mahabalipuram Photo: Shutterstock

The town of Mahabalipuram has many wonders. From its iconic Shore Temple to the ancient Olakkannesvara Temple, the city is a boon where the ancient and the modern exist peacefully. Among the many mysteries and riddles that entail this old haven, one the befuddling Krishna's Butterball: a colossal granite rock that has been hanging suspiciously since 1200 years defying scientific laws of friction and gravity. The mythical aura of the city is attributed to such instances of mind-boggling architecture that brings people to say that it's been crafted by the hands of the God. Here is a deep dive into the history and architecture of the God's plaything that hangs mid-air in the city of Mahabalipuram.