A Guide To Getting Around Germany

Germany offers a variety of transportation options, including trains, trams, buses, and boats, providing convenient and efficient travel within and between cities

A train ride is a great way to see the country's stunning landscapes Photo: PositiveTravelArt/Shutterstock

With a rich history and cultural trails, Germany has many stories to tell. While many people think of it as the home of Oktoberfest, lederhosen, swish luxury cars, and the Autobahn, the country plays a big role in shaping global cultural norms due to its plurality of regional identities. Sustainability is not just a buzzword in Germany. It's a way of life. One that the local authorities, the hospitality sector, and the locals take rather seriously. Germany's transport system is diverse, extremely well-connected, and includes rural towns and regions. As a result, it offers excellent opportunities for seamless, environmentally friendly, and experience-oriented travel. Here's a guide to the multiple ways you can travel around Germany.