Monday, Sep 26, 2022

100 Years of DU: The Best of North Campus' Street Food

Tour Delhi University’s North Campus with these soulful street eateries

Delhi University is sprinkled with numerous food joints that are an integral part of a DU student's
Delhi University is sprinkled with numerous food joints that are an integral part of a DU student's Shutterstock

Delhi has always been known for its mouth-watering, lip-smacking food, especially when it's relished straight on the streets. Street food here is more than just food--it’s an emotion that grows more profound and sweeter with time. The food tossed on the streets of a place is tied to its identity and carries sentimental history. The people who have always been around in that locality grew up with street food, which became a part of their identity too.

Delhi University is sprinkled with numerous such food joints that are an integral part of a DU student's life. As DU celebrates its centenary, here are some of North Campus eateries that should be on top of your campus-hopping list:

Tom Uncle Maggi Point: Located near S.G.T.B Khalsa College, Tom Uncle Maggi Point is hands down the most iconic and legendary food spot in DU's North Campus. It was established in 1978 by Ramesh Kumar, who is affectionately known as Tom Uncle all over North Campus. He added his acclaimed Maggi to the menu in 1995 which altered Tom Pakoda Shop to Tom Uncle Maggi Point. Tom Uncle has more than 30 finger-licking varieties of Maggi dishes on his menu, any one of which can be conjured up in a matter of minutes. Enjoy a classic fresh lemon soda or jeera masala soda to go with your steaming plate of Maggi!

Sudama ki chai: You couldn’t possibly leave North Campus without having a kulhad of Sudama ki chai! You’ll always find a small chunk of North Campus huddled around the stall.  Sitting in the same spot for the last 42 years, Sudama serves hundreds of cups of cardamom and ginger tea every day! People in Delhi are suspected to have tea running in their veins instead of blood, and in North Campus, Sudama’s tea stall is surely responsible for the same.

Chhole Kulche opp. Daulat Ram College: Another historic food joint where Tara Chand has been tossing chhole and buttering kulchas right from Indira Gandhi’s time. Probably the best chhole kulche spot in all of North Campus, the spicy, tangy flavour always leaves one hungry for more.


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Dolma Aunty Momos: Dolma Tsering is the North-eastern legend who introduced Delhi to momos back in 1994! She started selling momos on a small table back then and now has three stalls all over Delhi. The old residents of Lajpat Nagar, Kamla Nagar and New Friends Colony have seen the crowd around Dolma Aunty Momos thicken with every passing day. She is known for her expert thin layer of wheat flour, unlike other momo stalls, and is loved by her locality for being such an important part of their day. Dolma Aunty has a secret onion chutney recipe that goes with her delightful momos! You can choose between chicken, paneer or vegetable momos.

Food Bus of India: As the name suggests, Food Bus of India is a London-style double-decker bus dining spot. A smorgasbord of Delhi street eats, Food Bus India operates within a code of hospitality and quality and offers a quirky dining space on the bus itself.