Wednesday, Jun 07, 2023

Nuclear Diplomacy

Australian Foreign Minister Hon Penny Wong (R) with Indian External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar

India and Australia Pledge To Strengthen Bilateral Trade, Military, Economic, and Diplomatic Ties

In a visit to Canberra, Indian EAM S.Jaishankar met with Australian counterpart Hon Penny Wong and agreed to expand their bilateral diplomatic partnership by opening new consulates in the two countries.

10 October 2022

North Korea Fires Suspected Ballistic Missile Toward Sea

North Korea fired a suspected ballistic missile toward the sea on Thursday, South Korea and Japan said, in the latest of a series of weapons demonstrations this year.

12 May 2022

S Korea Says N Korea Fired Unidentified Projectile Off Its Coast, Officials Meet Chinese Counterparts

The meeting between South Korean and Chinese officials comes after North Korea resumed its missile tests amid a nuclear stalemate with the United States. The new missile, as reported by state media of North Korea, could hit...

15 September 2021

Russian Missile Attack on Ukraine

Ukraine War: Russian Missile Strike Close To Nuclear Plant, Says Ukraine

Ukraine said that a Russian missile landed just 300 metres of a nuclear plant in southern Ukraine. Ukraine denounced the attack as 'nuclear terrorism'.

19 September 2022

North Korea Warns Of Actions Against US-Australia Nuclear Submarine Deal

North Korea also referenced the "backstabbing" remarks of US ally, France. Says that there would be corresponding actions if "even the smallest negative affect on our country's safety" is observed.

20 September 2021

Kim Jong Un ‘Solemnly Swears’ To Steer North Korea Through Economic Troubles

Kim Jong Un summoned the ruling Workers' Party's Central Committee to discuss efforts to salvage a dismal economy

19 June 2021

Nuclear-armed countries are either increasing or upgrading their nuclear arsenals, says the watchdog

World Nuclear Stockpile To Rise In Coming Years, Reversing Post-Cold War Decline: Watchdog

All nuclear-armed states are not just increasing their arsenals but are also sharpening their nuclear rhetoric, said an expert at the watchdog.

13 June 2022