Tuesday, Dec 06, 2022

International Energy Agency

Europe Faces 'Unprecedented Risk' Of Gas Shortage, IEA Says

The EU on Friday agreed to mandate a reduction in electricity consumption by at least 5% during peak price hours

03 October 2022

Carbon Emissions Dip, At Least Briefly, In China: Study

According to the analysis, the decline was driven by decreased output in cement, steel and power industries, as well as COVID lockdown measures

Sify Technologies’ Mumbai data centre to get green energy boost

Company to power more of its data centres and facilities using renewable sources over the years  

Vikram Solar Bags Order From US-Based Firm

According to the International Energy Agency, over next 4-5 years, the US has the potential of adding up to 20-25 GW of solar energy annually

20 September 2022

Russia plays an outsized role in global energy markets as the third-largest oil producer.

IEA To Release 60 Million Barrels Of Oil Amid Russian War

Besides the United States, other members of the organization include the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Canada.

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Energy Agency: Methane Emissions Higher Than Countries Claim

Experts say methane is responsible for almost a third of the temperature increase that has occurred since the start of the industrial revolution.

23 February 2022

Clean Energy Jobs Grow, But Wages Lag Fossil Sector: Report 

The International Energy Agency said a post-pandemic jobs rebound in the sector has been driven by emissions-cutting technologies such as electric vehicle production, building insulation, solar projects and wind farm

08 September 2022


Industrial Emissions Alone Are Not Responsible For Poor Air Quality: Study

A recent study by three scientists clear many long-standing misgivings about the impact of industrial emissions on air quality

09 February 2022

12 December 2021
US Solar Diplomacy Makes For Good Business For India

US Solar Diplomacy Makes For Good Business For India

Energy shortage in China, which is estimated to control about two-thirds of the solar-grade polysilicon used in panels globally, has caused scarcity in the...