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Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya

Covid-19 Becoming Endemic, Indian Scientists Keeping Close Watch: Union Health Minister

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said we keep closely tracking Covid-19 so that we can guard against and be prepared against any variant in the future that can cause any destruction.

20 June 2023

Children are at increased risk of exposure to tomato flu

Young Children Are At Increased Risk Of Tomato Flu: Lancet Study

Although the virus shows symptoms similar to those of Covid-19 -- including fever, fatigue, body aches and rashes on skin -- the report in the medical journal suggests that it could be an after-effect of chikungunya or...

23 August 2022

Covid-19 Becoming Endemic In US, Pandemic Phase Over: Top Biden Advisor Dr Fauci

Dr Fauci said while the worst phase of the pandemic appears to be behind them, the threat of Covid-19 is not over for the country.

27 April 2022

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Covid Entering Endemic Stage In India, Cases Expected To Decline After 10-12 Days: Experts

According to the experts, the current rise in Covid cases is being driven by XBB.1.16, which is a sub variant of Omicron. The prevalence of XBB.1.16 increased from 21.6 per cent  in February this year to 35.8 per cent in...

13 April 2023

What is Monkeypox (Representative image)

Monkeypox: WHO Calls For Emergency Meeting On The Scare Of Another Outbreak

There are about 80 confirmed cases worldwide and 50 more suspected ones, the World Health Organization said. France, Germany, Belgium and Australia reported their first cases Friday.

21 May 2022

Covid-19 cases on the rise in Delhi

Covid-19 Now Endemic? Amid Delhi Spike, Doctors Claim Rate Of Hospitalisation Is Key

A letter signed by 20 doctors from across private medical institutes in Delhi states that the virus has crossed the stage of being a pandemic in India and has now reached the endemic stage.

25 April 2022

Covid-19 remains a global health emergency: WHO (Representative Photo)

Explained: WHO Says Covid-19 Remains 'Global Health Emergency', What It Means, Is It Becoming Endemic?

The WHO said the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19 disease, will remain a 'permanently established pathogen' in humans and animals for the foreseeable future.

31 January 2023


Beginning Of The End: Is Covid-19 Pandemic Becoming Endemic? What It Means

A disease does not become more or less severe with its classification as a pandemic or endemic. These words only refer to how widespread it is, not how severe it is.

11 April 2022

18 February 2022
California adopts nation's first 'endemic' virus policy

California adopts nation's first 'endemic' virus policy

Newsom said the approach — which includes pushing back against false claims and other misinformation — means maintaining a wary watchfulness attuned to...


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