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Dust Pollution

AAP leader Gopal Rai

90% Of Air Pollution Related Complaints Received Through Green App Since Oct Resolved: Gopal Rai

Rai said 586 teams have been monitoring the compliance of dust pollution control norms at construction and demolition sites. A total of 6,866 sites were inspected till October 24.Violations were noticed at 276 of them and...

01 November 2022

The demolition of Supertech twin towers in Noida

Noida Twin Towers Demolition Raises Health Concerns, How To Protect Against Dust And Air Pollution

Noida twin towers demolition produced a huge cloud of dust which is expected to increase fine particles in the air and possibly cause health issues.

28 August 2022

Pollution in Delhi, pollution, India, death, death due to pollution

Deaths Linked To PM2.5 Pollution In India Increased By 2.5 Times In 2 Decades: Report

Poor air quality was the fourth leading risk factor for early death worldwide in 2019, surpassed only by high blood pressure, tobacco use and poor diet.

01 March 2022

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai

Delhi Environment Minister To Chair Meeting On Anti-Dust Campaign

The project proponents have to self-audit their compliance with dust control norms and upload a self-declaration on the portal on a fortnightly basis.

26 October 2022

Dust Storm Expected In Delhi Today Amid Heatwave

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a yellow alert, warning of a dust storm or thunderstorm with winds gusting up to 50 kilometres per hour in the national capital.

04 May 2022

Delhi Air Quality Improves As Winds Sweep Away Pollution But AQI Still 'Very Poor'

The air quality index (AQI) of the city stood at 307, down from 349 the previous day, both under the 'very poor' category. Winds up to 20 Km/h gushed through the city, blowing away pollutants.

22 November 2021

The campaign was launched to reduce vehicular pollution in the city.

Delhi Government Launches Anti-Dust Campaign, Over 500 Teams To Conduct Surprise Checks At Construction Sites

According to the norms, construction sites bigger than 5,000 sqm will have to deploy one anti-smog gun, those bigger than 10,000 sqm should have two such guns and sites bigger than 15,000 sqm will have to set up three...

06 October 2022


Delhi Govt Urges Private Construction Sites To Abide By 14-Point Guidelines To Stop Dust Pollution

The government had convened a review meeting with all state-run agencies engaged in construction work in Delhi and they were told to submit their action plan to prevent dust pollution by September 21.

17 September 2021