Saturday, Sep 23, 2023


Alabama Court Allows Ban on Treatments for Trans Children

Alabama Court Allows Ban on Treatments for Trans Children, Families Scramble for Care

A federal appeals court ruling permits Alabama to enforce a ban on using puberty blockers and hormones for transgender children, leaving families in distress for medical care. The decision sparks a legal battle between...

23 August 2023

Two Army Black Hawk helicopters crash in Kentucky - Representational Image

9 Killed As 2 US Army Black Hawk Helicopters Crash In Kentucky

 Last month, two Tennessee National Guard pilots were killed when their Black Hawk helicopter crashed along an Alabama highway during a training exercise

30 March 2023

US President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden's Selma Visit Puts Spotlight Back On Voting Rights

As thousands gathered in Alabama to remember the heroes of "Bloody Sunday", US President Joe Biden joined thousands of people commemorating the landmark voting rights legislation which passed nearly 60 years ago.

06 March 2023

Green Day Online

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24 July 2023

Tornado Representative Image

Tornado Wrecks Havoc Across Mississippi In US

Mississippi: The rural towns of Silver City and Rolling Fork were reporting destruction as the tornado continued sweeping northeast at 70 mph (113 kph) without weakening, racing towards Alabama through towns including Winona...

25 March 2023

A celebration outside the Supreme Court in Washington.

Roe v Wade: US Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion Rights Overturning Landmark Ruling

The decision also sets up the potential for legal fights between the states over whether providers and those who help women obtain abortions can be sued or prosecuted.

24 June 2022

Protests against gun violence in the United States

4 Dead, Multiple Injured After A Shooting In Alabama

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said the shooting happened at about 10:30 p.m. There was no initial confirmation about what led to the shooting. It was not immediately known if a suspect was in custody

16 April 2023



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