Gautam Gambhir: The Man With Capabilities To Light Up A Frozen Lake, Now Heads Indian Cricket

The Board of Control for India in India (BCCI) unveiled Gautam Gambhir as the new head coach to replace T20 World Cup-winning Rahul Dravid on Tuesday, July 9

Gautam Gambhir in 2011 Cricket World Cup
Gautam Gambhir in 2011 Cricket World Cup Photo: File

"So people who played with me will know one thing about me, that everyone in this group will be treated equally. There's no senior junior. There is no domestic, international. So we have got one mission and that is to win this IPL," Gautam Gambhir said in a video posted by the Kolkata Knight Riders after his homecoming - or something even bigger. (More Cricket News)

In any case, Gambhir’s philosophy that portrays players will come and go, but teams are forever know no boundaries whether you are a fan or not.

He seems content with going about his business in his own way - both on and off the field. He usually has his feet on the ground while he watches the stars with thunderous confidence, as though he is ready to conquer the world.

The 42-year-old might just be the right fit to lead a transitional India. The talk about his guile followed the 2024 Indian Premier League campaign, but if there is a takeaway from his not-much-experienced coaching CV, it is the ability to categorise and problem solve, playing chess on a cricket field. 

India have been a little tentative under pressure - in an age where victory belongs to the most relentless, tenacious and obstinate. Talking about being relentless - as much as time - where one does not get a chance to look back, with no breaks and the expectation to keep looking ahead.

The pressure has at times also got to them. India have been incredibly consistent - but they have also failed to cross the finish line on several occasions.

There has been pain, suffering, heartache. But there has been a lot of fight too - with it eventually paying off with India lifting the T20 World Cup.

The trophy did come - but after a 11-year wait. And for a team like India, it just does not sit right. Hence, Gambhir who is blunt, does not shy away from the talk could be the perfect fit. He cares about the sport, and more importantly Indian cricket. 

He simply just does not let the pressure or the occasion get to him, and wears his heart on his sleeve. Never has there been someone this capable of staying in the present despite the mind moving at over 230 km/hour into the future. 

Gambhir’s ability to fightback despite a setback is probably the most Indian quality he might have to instil - one that can only be managed by the top-most tier. 

India have had several different coaches in the past, and the methodological principles differ from coach to coach.

There will be own ways of wanting to play but there will always be external factors that determine how a coach will play with a certain team - however, these do not imply for Gambhir, with him already requesting that he would pick his own coaching staff, a demand that has also been accepted by the BCCI.

It feels like the year had success written for him, and 2007, 2011, 2012 and 2014 met and spoke to Gambhir to open a new chapter for him.

To see Gambhir take over a seat that has represented many of his career highlights as well as lowlights, just shows the mental fortitude and the ridiculous ability to move on from defeat and the past.