Serene Cafes In The City Of Mumbai To Explore This Summer

Summer season is here and unlike any other season, this season deserves for you to explore the vibrant café scene of Mumbai.

Serene Cafes

Just so you don’t have to break a sweat for merely wanting to have a great time with your loved ones, we have curated a list of some stunning café spaces this city offers. And in the search for these unique escapes, you need not expect any less than a delightful culinary experience served to you, all in one place. Here is a glimpse of some captivating cafes in Mumbai, which will leave you seeking mediocrity.

Leaping Windows (Versova):

Leaping Windows

Rating: 4.6 (Google ratings)

This is an imaginative creative corner that includes a humorous comic book theme embellished with a lovely patio and a graphic novel library. Enjoy their outrageous milkshakes, well known for their gravity-defying toppings and showy presentations.

Must Try:

  • Freak shakes: Hulk Smash" shake

  • Gourmet Burgers

  • Comic Book Inspired Dishes

Prithvi Cafe (Juhu):

Prithvi Cafe

Rating: 4.4 (Google ratings)

A few blocks away from the busy road, one can always find this famous coffee shop, surrounded by greenery. The inviting look of this café and the outdoor seating will fill you with a spirit of life. Sip their strong and milky Irani chai, and enjoy their iconic bun maska.

Must Try:

  • Irani Chai

  • Bun Maska

  • Scrumptious Sandwiches and Salads

Kala Ghoda Cafe (Fort):

Kala Ghoda Cafe

Rating: 4.4 (Google ratings)

This artful café has a lovely exposed-brick space and high-ceiling main room which gives a European vibe as you sip their artisanal coffee and freshly baked pastry. Experience the artistic buzz of the community while you work surrounded by the creative atmosphere.

  • Artisanal Coffees

  • Freshly baked croissants, muffins, and cakes.

Lotus Cafe (Juhu):

Lotus Cafe

Rating: 4.7 (Google ratings)

Allow yourself to immerse in the serenity of this lovely lounge inside the JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu Hotel. This green space becomes the backdrop for a menu showcasing Goan and Mediterranean dishes which deliver a fantastic variation to the regular city eating options. The reviewers stress the fact that the cafe has a soft atmosphere, where one can spend pleasant hours and feel really comfortable.

Birdsong Organic Cafe (Bandra):

Birdsong Organic Cafe

Rating: 4.1 (Google ratings)

This cute little café offers a variety of vegan and organic meal options which is ideal for a guilt-free culinary indulgence.


  • Vegan Burgers and Sandwiches

  • Organic Coffee and Teas

The Homemade Cafe (Andheri West):

The Homemade Cafe

Rating: 4.3 (Google ratings)

Be comfortable with the welcoming atmosphere of this cafe that specializes in providing cozy meals. Their full-day breakfast menu includes a broad range of egg dishes, pancakes, and other breakfast classics, serving you just right any time of day. The home-style lunches and dinners include pasta, pizzas, and curries with the primary focus of satisfying the taste cravings of local people with some familiar flavors.

  • All-day Breakfast

  • Home-style Lunches and Dinners

  • Cakes, pies, and other sweet treats

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