Can We Know Life Span From Birth Details

You cannot change the life span, but you can get an idea of how long a person lives, how to plan your life events at the different ages within that life span and what precautions one can take to live the allotted life span to the fullest.

Vinay Bajrangi

A person's birth time is pre-decided based on the past life(s), and so is the departure date from this earth. As humans, we always aspire to live a long life.  Ayushmaan Bhava, or live long, is probably the most common and desired blessing we seek through our elders. But another fact is that we all descend to the recurring life with fixed Ayushya (Age) or life span irrespective of longings or blessings for a long life! Then one wonders why some questions usually stir our minds:

How many years/how long will I live?

What is my expected lifespan?

How can I know my lifespan?

What can I do to live long?

When will I die?

All these questions lead us to a common anxiety: What is a person's life span/longevity? Can we increase our life span? What do we do to live the expected life span to its fullest?

A person's birth chart is a blueprint of their whole life and the events they will face during it. So, it applies to a person's longevity, too. One can know life span from the birth chart using Astrology.

Can astrology tell person's life span/longevity.

Yes, astrology can indicate a person's life span/longevity. One can know life span from birth chart/date of birth. As the Karma theory propagates, our lifespan is fixed and one can know life span from birth chart using astrology. The planetary combinations in the birth chart indicate everything about our life, including longevity/lifespan. With their expertise, experience and knowledge, astrologers can give you a fair idea of your life span.  

How can I know my lifespan

You can know your life span/longevity from horoscope. The horoscope contains astrological yoga that narrates short, medium, and extended longevity to a person. The astrologer may predict the life expectancy from a person's date of birth. However, classical texts warn against revealing a person's longevity with exact date or year; it is unethical. Even in the rarest of the rare situations, a good astrologer should not spell the exact date/time of a person's life on this earth. Knowing the date of final departure is different than knowing the lifespan from the birth chart. Why should any astrologer spell it out, and how can an astrologer regulate a person's deeds to reach that date? 

Can we increase our life span.

You cannot increase the life span allotted to you by the almighty. Astrology can help you know the life span but cannot alter it. Still, it is sensible to know lifespan/longevity from your birth details why: Because by knowing your life span:

  • You cannot alter your life span, but you surely can thrive and live it to its fullest

  • You can change your lifestyle or practices and live an improved life.

  • Life is uncertain every day, but knowing age and longevity, one can get confidence and avoid deterrence due to small incidents/health issues.

  • It helps a person plan many things at different ages rather than trying to build everything in a short span.

  • One can prepare to plan life events accordingly and take some precautions. 

  • Another important aspect is that by knowing longevity/lifespan, one can know if any specific diseases/severe health issues would come and, if yes, at what stage of life.

Knowing about life expectancy answers many important questions about life. Then comes the point, how to know the life expectancy and which house is seen for life span?  

Which house is seen for life span/life expectancy  

Which house is seen to check life span: It is primarily the 8 house. But in addition to the 8th house seen for life span, we have to check Ascendant and Moon sign Lords. Are these Lords placed in movable, dual, or fixed signs?  What is the position of malefic and benefic planets? The planet Saturn is the primary karaka of Ayushya or longevity in astrology. Saturn is a mysterious planet that imbibes much engaging information about the quality and span of someone's life.

Death means the transformation of the soul. It departs the current body to acquire a new one. The eighth house in the horoscope is the house of transformation and longevity. It is a mysterious house where everything happens unexpectedly and abruptly. The 8th house in the horoscope determines the longevity of an individual. Auspicious effects in the eighth house give good longevity, while malefic planets cause a threat to longevity. Saturn, as a karaka of the 8th house, if present in the 8th house, gives extended longevity to the native.

A native will likely have a long life if the ascendant, ascendant Lord, 8th house, and its Lord are placed well in the birth chart.

The longevity span can be understood as follows:

  • Long- 72 and above

  • Medium- 35- 72 years

  • Short- below 35 years

A person with a combination of Poorna Ayu may live more than 90 years.  Ayu yoga and running Dasha determine one's maximum age.  

Combinations to see person's life span

In astrology, there are specific planetary combinations to see a person's life span. Ascendant Lord and the Lord of the Moon sign, if both are present in a moveable sign or if one is in a fixed sign while the other is in a dual sign, then it's a yoga for Deergha or Poorna ayu (long life span).

If the ascendant Lord and the Moon sign lord are in dual sign or if one gets placed in a moveable sign while the other is in a fixed sign, then it's yoga for Madhya ayu (medium life span).

If the ascendant Lord and the Lord of the Moon sign are fixed or moveable signs while the other is placed in a dual sign, then it is yoga for Laghu ayu (short life span). I would not like to explain much about combinations to be seen for life span of a person as a common man is quite likely to reach wrong calculations. Many houses, planets, their Lordship and their intrinsic relationships need very precise calculations which even most of the astrologers may be lacking. They will just tell you the departure date.

A very important caution: Still whenever you consult any astrologer to check your life span, please request the astrologer to do all such analyses from the Navamsa ( D-9) chart and not only the Ascendant/Lagana chart. 

 Once you know your life span, one should know what could be the health issues, specific diseases and at what age. The most important aspect of life span reading is to know what and when you can face health issues. Take care of the same and live the life span to its fullest as allotted by the almighty.  

Yoga for bad health doesn't cause health issues throughout life. The dasha of the planets gives medical problems at specific periods. Once a person's longevity is estimated, an astrologer must see what period the yoga can activate. For this, the dasha period of the Maraka planets, the eighth lord and the eighth lord from the Moon, is essential. The badhaka planets also play their roles and don't let accurate medical help reach or benefit the natives.   

If Saturn joins the Maraka planets and the eighth lord, it may inflict death-like effects on the natives. The transit of planets is also essential. If a native gets the Saturn Transit in a house with very few ashtakvarga points under the Maraka dasha, his longevity is seriously threatened.

Predicting longevity is a serious thing and should be predicted by an experienced astrologer holding empathy and spiritual values. For technical narration and combinations seen for life span, one can read how to know a person's life span.

It is a better decision when you are all fine to check your life span, mould your lifestyle to live to the fullest, and know if you can have any health issues/specific diseases. For this one can read; can we know health issues from birth chart.

You cannot change the life span, but you can get an idea of how long a person lives, how to plan your life events at the different ages within that life span and what precautions one can take to live the allotted life span to the fullest.

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