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10-Year-Old Mississippi Boy Gets Probation And Book Report Assignment, Was Arrested For Urinating In Parking Lot

A 10-year-old Mississippi boy was arrested for urinating in a parking lot. The officer involved was fired ten days after the arrest, and mandatory juvenile training will apply to the entire department.

A 10-year-old arrested in Mississippi

Nature's call must be kept waiting in Mississippi as you can get arrested for urinating in open spaces. And this law doesn't even spare kids.

In a bizarre incident, a 10-year-old boy released himself in a parking lot as there were no public washrooms nearby and he could not control himself anymore.

After being detained for urinating in a parking lot, Quantavious Eason was given three months of probation and a two-page book report about the late NBA great Kobe Bryant during a Tuesday hearing in the Tate County Youth Court. However, family attorney Carlos Moore said that the incident will not appear on Eason's record.

In August, the youngster opted to discharge himself on private land near his mother's car because there were no public facilities nearby. He was detained and taken to the Senatobia Police Department. At a press conference in September, LaTonya Eason, the boy's mother, stated that an officer passing by had noticed her son, pulled over, and entered the store to hunt for her. The mother claimed that after reprimanding her kid for his actions, the policeman appeared to be satisfied.

Eason's mother claims that four additional Senatobia police officers, including a lieutenant, then showed up. According to her, her kid was detained, placed in a patrol car, and driven to a police station.

Following Quatavious's arrest, the officer submitted a reference to the juvenile court, which led to the hearing on Tuesday.

The officer who was involved was fired ten or so days after Eason was arrested. The name of the officer remained undisclosed by the Senatobia Police Department.

According to a police department statement, "the officer's decisions went against our prior training on how to deal with these situations and violated our written policy."

An internal inquiry was launched after the incident, the findings of which led to the termination of one officer and the disciplining of the others. As we do each year, mandatory juvenile training will also apply to the entire department.

Moore stated that he anticipates taking further action in the future, along with his clients.