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Reimagining Shoulder Arthroplasty: Arthrex's Modular Glenoid System Offers Customized Solutions

Arthrex Modular Glenoid System is an innovative system comprising various interchangeable components. It allows surgeons to customise the glenoid implant to each patient's unique anatomy.

Arthrex's Modular Glenoid System

Shoulder replacement surgery is a procedure to ease pain and regain function in people with severe shoulder joint issues like arthritis or injury. Traditional methods sometimes struggle with precise implant placement and adapting to each patient’s unique anatomy. The Arthrex Modular Glenoid System with VIP is a game-changer designed to tackle these issues with advanced tech and careful planning, customising the implant according to the patient's anatomy!

Arthrex Modular Glenoid System is an innovative system comprising various interchangeable components. It allows surgeons to customise the glenoid implant to each patient's unique anatomy.

The Arthrex Modular Glenoid Implant System offers the following incomparable Patient Advantages:

  • Personalised Solutions: Customised implants for every patient addresses individual needs and maximise functional outcomes

  • Enhanced Stability: Reduced risk of implant loosening and re-operation, leading to lasting pain relief.

  • Improved Longevity: Durable materials and precise fit increase the implant's lifespan.

  • Faster Recovery: Minimised bone disruption and optimised implant fit contribute to quicker healing and return to function.

The Future of Shoulder Arthroplasty is Modular

Arthrex's Modular Glenoid System represents a significant advancement in shoulder arthroplasty. Its focus on versatility, personalised solutions, and improved outcomes empowering surgeons to provide their patients with the best possible chance of achieving long-term pain relief and regaining an active lifestyle. As this technology continues to evolve, one thing is certain: the future of shoulder arthroplasty is modular, and Arthrex is leading the way.

India’s Best Known Shoulder Arthroplasty Surgeons have pioneered this implant for customising and improving patient outcomes.

Dr Sanjay Desai, Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai, a Global Expert on Shoulder Surgery with large experience commented, “The Arthrex Modular Glenoid Virtual Implant Positioning System allows the surgeon to plan and execute the surgery on a computer application using patients CT scan. This preoperative planning improves accuracy and reduces error particularly in complex shoulder replacement surgeries. The VIP system exemplifies our commitment to providing the highest quality of care and the most advanced treatment options to our patients. This technology has the potential to revolutionise shoulder replacement surgery and significantly improve the lives of countless individuals suffering from shoulder joint problems.”

Dr Deepak Chaudhary, Head of Department, BLK Hospital, New Delhi, One of the Pioneer in Orthopaedics Surgery, advocated, “The Arthrex Modular Glenoid System with VIP represents a revolutionary shift in shoulder arthroplasty. It equips surgeons with precision tools for customisation, ensuring superior outcomes for patients.”

Dr IPS Oberoi, Head of Department at Artemis Hospital, Gurugram, one of the leading Arthroscopy and Shoulder Replacement Surgeons globally, explained, “The Arthrex Modular Glenoid System is a unique and Innovative system that enables precise accuracy and customisation, resulting in smaller incisions, reduced tissue damage, and faster recovery.”

Dr Karthik Selvaraj, Coimbatore, a leading Shoulder Replacement, emphasised, “Arthrex Modular Glenoid System offers customised Patients benefits, improved shoulder function, and a quicker return to normal activities. The system prioritises individual needs, ensuring optimal outcomes surpassing traditional techniques.”

Dr. Prasad Bhagunde, a shoulder arthroscopy expert from Mumbai with over 2000 shoulder surgeries, is delighted to use the Arthrex Modular Glenoid system. He remarked that , “the treatment of shoulder cuff tears and shoulder arthritis has been neglected over the years. Around 20% of adult and elderly population in India might suffer from shoulder ailments, leading to chronic pain and limited movement. The Arthrex Modular Glenoid System creates a virtual shoulder model that equips surgeons to achieve next generation shoulder replacement with high precision. Because every patient has a different anatomy, this innovative solution provides customized surgical procedure for increased patient satisfaction and faster recovery.”