The Student At The Core

As independent India’s first management institute, XLRI Jamshedpur has been at the heart of transformative moments in the nation’s history – both big and small. And at the heart of such moments have been its students

The Student At The Core

As an institute, XLRI has always understood that sending out well-rounded students to the workforce means providing them the opportunities to be autonomous while maintaining the mandates of the institution, the space to make mistakes, and the support to learn from these mistakes and make better choices. Thus, life at the institute has always been more than coursework. And the contributions of its students to the larger cause of both industry and nation-building, when looked at through this lens, can be understood better. With new global realities demanding management leaders who are holistic in their approach, this approach has gained even greater significance.

Through co-curricular activities, students learn the intricacies of the world of work. Through extra-curricular activities, they meet people, pursue their interests, discover new ones and enhance their understanding of the world around them.

A sound system

A well-thought-out system that enables coordination, collaboration and autonomy and has been in place for decades and is embedded in XLRI culture. The Student Affairs Council (SAC) is the apex body and the representative council of the students of XLRI. SAC consists of a General Secretary and four elected Principal Secretaries who are in charge of the internal, external, academic and placement affairs – all elected representatives are from the senior batch. SAC is the interface between students and the administration. All activities that happen on campus are directed and governed by SAC which works with the ultimate goal of continuous betterment of academic content, student life and activities on campus.

A matter of placement

The Placement Committee (PC) is solely responsible for the Summer and Final Placements for all students in XLRI. From liaisoning with corporates to maintaining industry relationships and ensuring the best possible placements for all students – all fall within the charter of this committee. The committee is also responsible for conducting engagement activities such as pre-placement talks, corporate competitions and leadership talks, all with the aim of improving the student-company connection. Various other committees support the PC to ensure smooth placement process.

The academic quotient

The Academic Committee (AcadCom) acts as the bridge between students and the faculty. A Secretary and two Class Representatives (CRs) elected from each section comprise the committee. As the CRS elected by the students of each section, they are accountable to them. The sole objective of AcadCom is to serve as a central coordinator that works for the benefit of the students, faculty and administration.

Recruitment ready

The Campus Recruitment Information System Portal (CRISP)  functions primarily as a placement support committee that has the responsibility of preparing students for their placement process. This includes both the summer internship process for first-year students and the lateral and final placement processes for second-year students.

Preparation for placement covers multiple aspects - helping students prepare their CVs, providing relevant support encompassing both academic and soft skills-based content, arranging mock group discussions, mock interviews, academic preparatory sessions through professional consultants and professors alike. The committee ensures that the batch puts their best foot forward when they face recruiters in the Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds.


This is one of the most rigorous jobs on campus as CRISP is also tasked with ensuring that the information presented to recruiters is authentic and thus has to follow a meticulous verification process through its well-knit network of verifiers.

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Sense and sensitisation

The Committee for Awareness, Sensitisation and Empowerment (CEASE) works under the aegis of the Committee Against Sexual Harassment (CASH) and is tasked to redress, help and counsel any issues related to sexual harassment, discrimination, assault, or any distress arising from gender-related issues on campus. The Committee was established to spread awareness about sexual harassment, discrimination as well as to promote equality and respect among all genders. CEASE also organizes International Men’s Day & Women’s Day celebration on campus along with sensitization workshops. These work as platforms where students can freely express themselves.

Counting on co-curricular

XLRI has a total of 11 co-curricular committees – these work to develop domain knowledge in students and also organize events.

AXIOM (Association at XLRI for Industrial and Operations Management) aims to extend and integrate knowledge that contributes to the improve understanding and practice of operations, analytics and supply-chain management. Guest lectures, workshops, competitions, live projects, plant tours and affiliation with international organizations are all part of AXIOM’s endeavours.

The CPPR (Committee for Public Policy Research) seeks to bridge the gulf between business leaders and public leaders, reconcile policymaking and managerial decision-making, and serve as an agency for public policy orientation of future managers in line with the institutional motto of fostering the Greater Good.


CRUX (Consulting and Research Undertaking at XLRI) strives to develop consultancy skills, nurture research initiatives, and undertake activities that promote consulting as a career. The committee is committed to branding XLRI as a recruitment destination for top consulting firms.

DARVIX (Data Analytics, Research & Visualization Committee at XLRI) has an ambitious vision to establish XLRI as a thought leader in analytics. Dynamic events, workshops, and collaborations are organised in order to empower students with skills in data analytics, research, and visualization. DARVIX works to foster a data-driven decision-making culture and promotes the latest tools and techniques. Making students future-ready is their aim, extending to enabling students to excel in the rapidly evolving analytics landscape. By cultivating expertise and thought leadership, DARVIX contributes to XLRI’s reputation as a leading institution in the realm of analytics and its applications.

The E-Cell (Entrepreneurship Cell) works to create a culture of entrepreneurship for all the stakeholders of the institute — students, alumni and faculty. Along with its advisory board comprising faculty members and eminent guests, the society works to inculcate and nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship.

FINAX (Finance Association) is a committee of like-minded students with a flair for finance. One of the oldest committees on campus, FINAX has a legacy of more than 30 years and alumni working in the highest echelons of the finance industry. FINAX strives to promote a culture of finance among the students of XLRI GNOSIS, the annual flagship symposium of FINAX is conducted every year and is attended by stalwarts of the finance industry.

Breaking barriers at XLRI

FIREAX (The Forum for Industrial Relations) works to promote industrial relations. Inculcating dialogue amongst the student community about key aspects of Employee Relations/ Industrial Relations is its aim and it helps students to explore the dynamic world of industrial disputes, resolutions, bargaining and agreements. With XLRI’s roots and incomparable legacy in Labour Law and IR culture, the committee is a significant factor in keeping this alive at XLRI and thus, contributing to maintaining its distinguishing factor.

MAXI (The Marketing Association of XLRI) has a special place in the XLRI ecosystem. It is not just the oldest committee on campus, but also the oldest co-curricular committee in India. Established 52 years ago, in 1971, MAXI’s mandate has been simple – to popularize the field of Marketing at XLRI and ensure that fun and creativity are an integral part of the entire process. MAXI designs events such that students receive a deep, working insight into what the field of marketing is really about. A plethora of competitive events, leadership talks and interactions, conferences and of course, the world-renowned MAXI Fair all play their part. With an active presence on social media platforms, MAXI has an enviable reach among marketing enthusiasts everywhere.

SIF (Student Investment Fund) is the in-house equity research and investment team which carries out research covering major sectors of the Indian equity market and seeks investment opportunities

PROMETHEUS is the most recent member of the XL family. The earlier societies of SOCRATES and ProdUX united in order to reinvent themselves as more than simply the IT face of the institute. The new responsibilities include assisting CRISP in Product Management preparation, curating product management and technology related content, organising the institute’s flagship techno-product management festival (TeXLence) and online gaming events.


SAPPHIRE (Students’ Association for the Promotion of Personnel Management, Human Resources and Industrial Relations) established in 1989, is another committee that stands tall with its more than three-decade old legacy as the foremost student body for Human Resources at XLRI. It aims to integrate the experiences of practitioners with the theoretical knowledge of academicians and to that end, organizes a consortium of events ranging from inter-B School HR simulations to its flagship event, The Annual National HR Conference. The committee is committed to upholding the legacy of Human Resource Development at XLRI.

SIF (Student Investment Fund) is the in-house equity research and investment team which carries out research covering major sectors of the Indian equity market and seeks investment opportunities. SIF manages a portfolio of funds contributed by the analysts and is also responsible for knowledge dissemination through sector reports and equity analyst reports. SIF intends to cultivate a strong culture of investment education in XLRI through first-hand experience of fund management, thus developing skills that will help students in the domain of finance. Knowledge transfer takes place by Senior Analysts mentoring Junior Analysts along with faculty guidance – this helps them achieve reasonable expertise in sector analysis and investment decisions.

That extra edge

Nine active extracurricular committees add to the vibrancy of campus life at XLRI.

The CII-Yi (CII Young Indians) chapter at XLRI is established in collaboration with Yi (Young Indians), an integral part of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry). The Yi net at XLRI is an initiative to empower the students to work towards the development of education, employability, environment, youth affairs and health sectors.

Creative instincts take over whenever DRACULA (Dramatics and Cultural Association of XLRI) comes on the stage. Dance dramas, debates, theatrical productions, street plays, quizzing leagues and literary pursuits – all are organised by the committee.

PiXL, the official photography committee at XLRI Jamshedpur, works to promote the art of photography on campus. Workshops and photowalks are conducted, as are photography competitions throughout the year. The committee also undertakes projects to show the campus from different perspectives through creative videos and photos in order to capture life on campus.


SAMARTHYA, the Human Potential Centre of XLRI aims to stimulate the growth of the student community of Jamshedpur and beyond. Guided career counselling and speaker sessions are some of the chosen ways to model future talent in collaboration with external stakeholders. This committee works to exponentially improve the experience of school students at differing points of time in their developmental journeys.

SIGMA-oikos creates a platform to network with NGOs, corporate governance cells and government departments to engage in and enhance community capacity building. This student body primarily aims to help NGOs formulate effective fund-raising strategies, develop new programmes, curtail expenses and perform better. The committee is also the Jamshedpur chapter of Switzerland-based student organization oikos International.

  • SPIC MACAY (The Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture among Youth), a prominent non-profit voluntary organization spread across educational institutions around the globe, has an active chapter at XLRI. The organisation’s stated objective is to facilitate the exchange of traditional Indian values and to generate awareness amongst the youth about rich Indian cultural traditions and the XLRI Chapter constantly endeavours to introduce traditional Indian culture and classical art forms.
  • The SPORTSCOM (Sports Committee) of XLRI, is responsible for all the day-to-day sporting activities as well as the conduct of sporting events at the institute. XL prides itself on its sports culture – various sporting disciplines such as athletics, basketball, cricket, badminton, table-tennis, football, futsal, pool, chess, carrom, volleyball, tennis, and throwball are played with enthusiasm. Throughout the year, the committee is busy conducting various sporting events such as Cricblitz (a multi-sport indoor tournament), Futsal League, XL-IIMC (known as the greatest B-School sporting battle) and also participates in various external tournaments.
  • TOASTMASTERS XLRI, with its focus on honing public speaking, serves to not only hone debating skills but helps power students through the placement process. The team Ideates and executes weekly meetings, events under their flagship event, ECLECTUS.
  • XLANC (XLRI Adventure & Nature Club) organizes various adventure activities and emphasizes the responsibility of future managers towards the environment and community. These activities get students out of their comfort zones and makes them experience and learn new things. Trekking, wall-climbing, water-rafting, go-karting, horse-riding, archery, rifle shooting, obstacle races, eco-friendly activities and term break trips are some of the events organised. XLANC is credited with making XLRI the first Indian B-School to encourage experiential learning in the form of a leadership expedition to Mt. Everest base camp.

Form in function

With their varied charters, the functional committees at XLRI are instrumental in fostering the excellence that the institute is known for.

ALCOM (Alumni Committee) is constantly connected and engaged with XLRI alumni in order to build lifelong and mutually beneficial relationships with them. The committee organizes Summer Alumni Meets, Alumni Homecoming, Silver Jubilee and other reunions.

EXLINK (External Linkages) was founded in 1999 to mark XLRI’s Golden Jubilee celebrations and to take a step forward in the journey of branding XLRI. ExLink is the committee entrusted with building the brand and handling the media management of XLRI Jamshedpur. ExLink always brings together a team made up of diverse individuals who work constantly year-round with other committees on campus and handle the various branding channels and platforms for promoting XLRI. ExLink is also responsible for handling XLRI’s admissions, in order to ensure a smooth onboarding process for incoming students.

INFRACOM (Infrastructure Committee) acts as an interface between the student body and the administration in order to ensure maintenance of students’ hostels and messes including designing the daily food menu

INFRACOM (Infrastructure Committee) acts as an interface between the student body and the administration in order to ensure maintenance of students’ hostels and messes including designing the daily food menu. It drafts new proposals for the approval from administration as and when the need arises from the student residential areas and liaises with the administration to negotiate with the mess contractors and handle student mess accounts.

ISEP (The International Student Exchange Program) is the student body representation of the International Student Exchange Programme of XLRI. The committee is tasked with creating and managing partnerships with foreign universities. It also facilitates the entire application process of the outgoing XLRI students. It maintains collaboration with the student exchange committees of collaborating educational institutions to procure best deals for XLRI students for insurance, visa, travel cards etc.

In our interests

Active and activating Interest Groups ensure that life in XLRI equals a lifetime experience that also equips the students in various ways to lead a life that is founded on the values of inclusion and sensitivity. Groups such as Pride@XL are responsible for inclusivity and sensitization while PEACE and FLIX help keep your passion alive and ensure you do what you love. To ensure that XLRI is a home away from home, there are regional committees that ensure no festival passes without celebrations on the campus.


Campus life at XLRI is completely student-led. From late-night discussions at the dining hall, to debates over keema sandwiches at Café Jampot, to dance productions to fiercely fought sports competitions – everything plays its part in fostering the excellence that is synonymous with education at XLRI.

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