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Don't Approve Hurting Religious Sentiments: Congress On 'Kaali' Poster

The poster of the documentary 'Kaali' by director Leena Manimekalai has created controversy by hurting the religious sentiments of some netizens.

Congress Spokesperson Gaurav Vallabh

Categorically rejecting the posters of 'Kaali' which have created an uproar on social media, the Congress on Tuesday said that every religion should be respected. Congress spokesperson Gaurav Vallabh said, "We respect all deities of all religions and do not endorse anything which hurts anybody."

He said that it suits the BJP when there is a controversy so that the government doesn't have to answer questions on the GST and other issues.

Meanwhile, Delhi Police has registered an FIR against Director Leena Manimekalai, a day after a complaint was lodged against her over the controversial poster of her new documentary.

The poster was shared by Manimekalai on social media on July 2. In the poster, Goddess 'Kaali Maa' has been shown smoking a cigarette.

The poster sparked off a massive uproar on social media and the demand to arrest the director trended on Twitter. The documentary revolves around the events that take place one evening, when Goddess 'Kaali' appears and strolls on the streets of Toronto.

On Monday, the Indian High Commission in Canada had also urged the organisers to withdraw all provocative material related to the 'Kaali' documentary.

[With Inputs From IANS]

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