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Bhuvan Bam: Success Doesn't Haunt Me, But It Concerns Me A Little

In this conversation, Bhuvan Bam talks about why' Taaza Khabar', his next show, is special, why success concerns him, and his desire to see himself on big screen.

Bhuvan Bam in Taaza Khabar

Bhuvan Bam, an actor, comedian, writer, singer, content creator, and songwriter is going to entertain the audience in a never seen avatar with Hotstar Specials’ upcoming web series ‘Taaza Khabar’. The show is a light-hearted series that presents the human desire to lead a better life. 

In this conversation, Bhuvan talks about why this show is special, why success concerns him and more.

Excerpts from the interview: 

Q. What makes 'Taaza Khabar' so special and relevant in today's time?

I think the story itself, it's a fresh story. And but on the other side, this fully is about aspiration. This story is about never stopping dreaming. And if you want to chase your dreams, then you have to be very smart about it. This show is about relationships. How do you handle relationships, when everything is going fine in your life? And also, how do you handle them when we think it is on the downside? So yeah, this show is all out in a commercial cinema that we have tried to portray from our end, and I hope it reflects well with the audience.
Q. You're also known to be, you know, somebody who conceptualizes their own video and scripts and all of that. So did you also try that out along with acting?

No, the entire concept and the entire story idea, belong to Hussein Dalal and Abbas Dalal’s late father, Mr. Aziz Dalal. It's his story. I'm very grateful that they wanted me to play Vasant Gawde and I specifically remember telling them that Bhai, if we can, if we can please do it like a BB vines production because we just finished doing Dhindora. And now we really want to get into production because the creative control eventually lies in our hands. And then you don't have to, we don't have to be dependent on anyone else. And they were they will, they were very cool about it. And I think they showed immense, immense support. And similarly, with Hotstar being the biggest OTT platform, they're shown immense support and they've helped us create Taaza Khabar and with all our capabilities, we've tried to make this show with all honesty and all heart and yeah, that's Taaza Khabar for you. 

Q. If we talk about it. From BB Vines to Vasant Gawde. You know, you've come a long way, from a YouTuber to now OTT space. So was this something that you aspired to be or, you know, you went with the flow?

I frankly, went with the flow, though the character that I'm playing, Vasant Gawde, I strongly feel that a character like this, actors usually get when they have spent a good 10 years in the industry. It's a very, very strong character that has somehow fallen in my kitty. And I'm very grateful. I'm very grateful to Hussain Bhai and Abbas Bhai they have shown so much trust in me. And it's been a roller coaster ride from doing characters to Vasant Gawde. It's a contrast. And you'll see the crazy graph that Taaza Khabar will provide and not that I'm not going to do BB Vines again. I started writing Dhindhora season two, and the characters you can't take out of me. But what you're gonna see in Taaza Khabar is completely different from what you've seen.

Q. In one interview, the previous interview, you said that you felt scared that success was coming to you very fast. Yeah, so does that thought really still haunt you somewhere?

It doesn't haunt me, but it concerns me a little. I don't know. I don't know how people perceive success. Is it how much you earn? Is it how many followers you have? Is it what projects you're doing? I think I'll know now according to my maturity. Every day we are getting more mature. And every day I have spent with my current psyche. I feel that I really want to measure success with the state of mind I am in, if I love frankly I started all this because this is what I love. If I continue loving what I do. I'll keep doing all this. I'll keep doing new projects and I keep bringing new ideas to the people. But if I get bored of all this, which I really hope I don't ever get bored. I do get bored of writing. If I get bored of acting, then I think then, that that thing scares me a little. Ki kabhi woh waisa point nahi aaye that subah set par jaane main katrana pade, ki mera mann nahi kar raha, mereko likhne ka mann nahi kar raha. For as long as utna hai jeevan main I'm ready to go for it.


Q. Your acting career trajectory if you go to see, it's going up and in a great direction. So soon will we be seeing you on a big screen doing let's see a full-fledged Bollywood masala film or let's say some art or parallel cinema or something like that?

I haven't planned anything yet. Jaise jaise aata rahega waise waise I will keep doing it. I don't plan in advance. 
Q. Do not aspire to get that journey, add it to your journey.

Yes yes, it is right there I really want to see myself on a PVR screen. I want to see myself in theatres. I want to see people buy tickets and go to theatres for me. And it's a dream. And I don't want to jump on it. I would want to wait a little more, thoda. So basically whatever I'm doing right now, even Taaza Khabar is like an audition for me for something bigger, which I'm really waiting for. So one day at a time. That's how

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