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‘Delhi Crime’ To ‘Satya’ To ‘Darlings’ – Shefali Shah’s Most Iconic Characters

Shefali Shah has been giving us great characters one after the other. Here are afew of her characters that have been etched in the minds of audiences.

Shefali Shah

Shefali Shah has been a true disruptor, unaffected by the industry’s unfair parameters for stardom and continues to be real, raw and authentic with every role she undertakes. It’s no surprise then that she is considered amongst the best actors in the country, sometimes outshining even the superstars of the younger generation.

Each one of Shefali’s roles has stood out, been memorable, applauded by the critics and appreciated by the audience. The actress has also never shied away from taking on strong and powerful characters both in recent times and in the past.

Today, let’s take a look at some of Shefali’s outstanding performances and most iconic characters:

‘Satya’s Pyaari

‘Satya’ is considered a cult classic and received critical acclaim for its realistic portrayal of the Mumbai underworld and its gripping narrative. Essaying the role of Pyaari, a strong and resilient woman who stands by her husband's side despite the challenges they face in the criminal world, Shefali Shah's performance in the film was widely appreciated for its authenticity and emotional depth. ‘Satya’ also won Shefali Shah a Filmfare Critics Award.

‘Human’s Gauri Nath

‘Human’ has much to like and admire but it is Shefali Shah’s menacing Gauri that is not just one of her best roles ever, but also one of the best characters in an Indian web series till date. A disturbed sociopath and a victim of childhood trauma, she grows up to be a twisted woman singularly committed to building her business.

‘Delhi Crime’s Vartika Chaturvedi

Shefali Shah is widely recognized for her outstanding performance in the critically acclaimed Indian series ‘Delhi Crime’ that became the first Indian series to win an Emmy Award. In ‘Delhi Crime’, Shefali Shah portrays the character of Vartika Chaturvedi, a senior police officer who takes charge of the case and her accolade-winning performance showcased the emotional turmoil, resilience, and leadership of a woman fighting against the odds to bring the perpetrators to justice. She was also awarded the Alberto Sordi Family Award and Apoxiomeno Award for 'Delhi Crime 1' in Italy.’

‘Jalsa’s Rukhsar

A role that won Shefali Shah the award for Best Actor (Female) at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2022, ‘Jalsa’s Rukhsar was sheer turmoil and yet sheer magic as Shah expresses most of her anger and frustration through her eyes.

‘Darlings’ Shamshun

Playing a parallel lead alongside Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah stood out as Shamshun, a fiercely protective mother with a wicked sense of humour. ‘Darlings’ explored a new side to Shah as she personally related to the traits of her character, giving us another outstanding performance in a genre rarely tested in Bollywood.

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