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OT Survey: Homestay Owners On The Safety Of Women Guests

For these homestay owners, a hotel can't outweigh the charm of a remote stay, which ensures the best local experiences and a secure environment for female travellers

For female travellers, safety is a top priority when planning trips Photo: Shutterstock

Safety is paramount for female travellers while planning a trip due to concerns over gender-based harassment and comfort. The apprehensions were echoed in the Outlook Traveller-Toluna What Women Want survey, which revealed that nearly 90 per cent of women travellers prioritise safety while opting for a destination, and another 59 per cent agreed that they had faced harassment while on the go. A deciding factor that strengthens the safety parameter is comfortable and friendly accommodation.

So, "What Women Want" is a space where their privacy is not breached and one that ticks all safety checkboxes. As per the survey findings, female travellers zero in on hotels over other places as their ideal stay spot. Of the 1,214 women interviewed, the data underlined that 60 per cent of women prefer hotels while 20 per cent prefer homestays/camps, despite the latter being more budget-friendly.