Busan: Things To Do In South Korea's Port City

Busan, often likened to Los Angeles, captivates with its distinct charm, offering stunning beaches, temples, and diverse seafood. Whether you seek hiking, beach bliss, or historical exploration, Busan caters to all interests

Busan Things To Do In South Korea's Port City Photo: Unsplash

Often compared to the vibrant city of Los Angeles in the United States, Busan has a unique charm of its own. Its beautiful beaches, temples, and diverse seafood make it a destination that should not be missed. Moreover, Busan caters to various interests and preferences. If you enjoy hiking, you can find challenging trails to satisfy your adventurous spirit. For beach lovers, there are sandy shores and opportunities for surfing. History enthusiasts can explore the remarkable temples amidst the surrounding mountains. Here are the top things travellers must do when in Busan.