Saturday, Sep 30, 2023

Mandal Politics

Nitish Kumar addresses media after meeting PM Modi on the caste census issue.

Bihar’s Caste-Based ‘Survey’, Patna High Court Order And Mandal Commission Report: Explained

Bihar started its ambitious two-phase caste census “survey” on January 7 this year after and the process was to be finalised by May 31 but the Patna High Court intervened and stayed the procedure for the time being.

07 May 2023

'Mandal Versus Kamandal' Politics To Play Out In Big Way In Bihar After Nitish's Switch: Political Analysts

The term 'Mandal-Kamandal' gained centrality in the mid-90s in the complex political landscape of two Hindi heartlands --Uttar Pradesh and Bihar--and has been used by regional parties, which mainly stuck to caste-based...

10 August 2022

Protests against reservation

Book Excerpt: How Mandal Proved Seminal In VP Singh’s Career, And India’s Politics

The Mandal Commission also used levels of education and income as indicators to determine which castes to list as backward. However, in computing the final ‘backwardness’ score of each caste, social backwardness was...

19 March 2022

Disfiguration of Image by Prabhakar Kamble

Exploring Educational Apartheid In N Sukumar's 'Caste Discrimination And Exclusion In Indian Universities'

In his book ‘Caste Discrimination and Exclusion in Indian Universities: A Critical Reflection’, Dr N Sukumar traces the prevalent caste-based discrimination and abuse that student from marginalised face.

21 March 2023

Archival image of BR Ambedkar.

Why Ambedkar Converted to Buddhism

Ambedkar publicly converted to Buddhism in 1956 over 20 years after he declared his intent to convert. In the meantime, he studied other prominent religions and scrutinized them well. Unfortunately, Ambedkar died almost two...

15 April 2022

UP Elections 2022 Sees The Resurgence Of 'Mandal' And 'Kamandal'

The resurgence of 'Mandal' –caste-based identity politics and 'Kamandal' - mixing caste-based identity politics in the Hindutva project, set the stage of the election in UP.

10 March 2022

Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav

Mulayam Singh Yadav: The Journey From A Wrestler To An Astute Politician Ruling Uttar Pradesh

From climbing the ladder of caste politics, raising the banner of secularism, to appearing to show faith in Narendra Modi after realising Modi-baiting would not work, Mulayam Singh Yadav's consistency with political trends...

10 October 2022


Voters check voter rolls before casting their ballots at a polling station

UP Election 2022: Resignations From BJP And Resurgence Of Mandal Politics

'The Great Resignation' of UP has set an interesting stage, that some say is a resurgence of Mandal vs Kamandal – mixing the caste identity politics in the Hindutva project.

19 January 2022


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