Monday, Dec 11, 2023

African Cheetah

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Project Cheetah Head Declines Speculation On Death Due To Infection From Radio Collar, Planning Underway For 2nd Batch Of Relocation

Nine cheetahs died in Kuno National Park since March this year. Each of the cheetahs has been equipped with radio collars, allowing wildlife authorities to track their movements in real time through satellite...

15 September 2023

Cheetahs translocation from SA

Cheetah Revival Plan: Officials To Be Sent On Study Tours To Namibia

Union Forest Minister Bhupender Yadav announced the study tour for the officials involved in the cheetah revival plan to South Africa. Six cheetahs have died in the Kuno National Park so far.

30 May 2023

Cheetahs will be reintroduced in Madhya Pradesh, India on Saturday

Explained: Cheetah To Be Reintroduced In India Today, How Cheetahs Went Extinct, Their History In India

Cheetahs were favoured in the Mughal age as hunting companions. However, cheetahs began to be hunted under the British and were driven to extinction.

17 September 2022

A Cheetah at Madhya Pradeshs Kuno National Park

Nirva, Kuno's Last African Cheetah In The Wild Still Missing After One Month Of Search Operations

The last African cheetah, Nirva, in the wild in Madhya Pradesh's Kuno National Park has been missing for almost a month. The ninth cheetah, Dhatri a female, out of the 20 cheetahs brought from South Africa died on August 3...

11 August 2023

Project Cheetah

Previous Attempts In India Including In Junagadh Zoo To Breed Cheetahs Brought From Abroad Unsuccessful: Officials

Last week, eight cheetahs from Namibia were reintroduced into the wild in India after they were translocated from Namibia. These big cats were brought from abroad and were brought to Gujarat's Sakkarbaug Zoo in March 2009,...

19 September 2022

 India inks pact with Namibia for reintroduction of cheetahs

Madhya Pradesh: Cheetahs To Arrive In Kuno National Park From Namibia On September 17

Cheetah was declared extinct in India in 1952. The last cheetahs are believed to have been hunted in the late 1940s.

11 September 2022

Project Cheetah

As Cheetahs Die At Kuno National Park, Foreign Experts Raise 'Serious Concerns' In Letter To SC

Nine cheetahs out of the 20 brought from South Africa last year have died in less than a year. In May this year, an 11-member dedicated team of foreign experts was set up under the Union Ministry of Environment to look into...

03 August 2023


Cheetah, the only large carnivore, was wiped out due to hunting and loss of habitat

India Is All Set To Welcome First Batch Of Cheetahs After 70 Years

The government of India declared cheetahs extinct in 1952

09 June 2022

28 January 2020
SC Allows Centre To Bring African Cheetah To Suitable Wildlife Habitat In India

SC Allows Centre To Bring African Cheetah To Suitable Wildlife Habitat In India

The Supreme Court said the decision for relocation of the African cheetah will be taken after a proper survey and the action of introduction of the animal will...