IND Vs KOR, Asia Cup Hockey 2022: India Draw 4-4 With Korea, To Play For Bronze Vs Japan - Highlights

Korea remained equal on five points with India but entered the final due to better goal difference. Get IND vs KOR match highlights here.

India squandered their lead thrice in the match against Korea on Tuesday. Get IND vs KOR, Asia Cup h

A resilient Korea held India to a 4-4 draw in the Super 4s on Tuesday to enter the final of Asia Cup hockey 2022. Meanwhile, the Birendra Lakra-led Indian side failed to advance to the final as they needed a win from the game. India got an early lead but can only blame themselves for the loss as they squandered their advantage not once or twice but thrice. Notably, India conceded goals twice when they were one man down. Nilam Sanjeep (9th minute), Maninder Singh (21st), Mahesh Sheshe Gowda (22nd) and Mareeswaran Shakthivel (37th) scored the four goals for India but all that was not enough to take the side to the final. On the other hand, Korea, who are equal with India on five points, advanced to the final on the basis of a better goal difference. Get India vs Korea, Asia Cup hockey 2022 highlights.

06:55 PM IST: Sheshe Gowda Named Player Of The Match

Sheshe Gowda says that the team will bounce back in the third-place match against Japan that takes place on Wednesday. He also admitted that it were the yellow and green cards shown to Indian players that hurt the side most. Notably, India conceded goals twice when they were one man down.

06:45 PM IST: Match Ends - India 4-4 Korea

India fail to get a lead and that's the end of this match. It ends in a 4-4 draw which means Korea advance to the final while India will play the third place match with Japan.

06:42 PM IST: 4th Quarter - India 4-4 Korea

This game is getting more exciting towads the end. Kim made not one but at least two back-to-back saves to deprive India of a goal.

06:39 PM IST: 4th Quarter - India 4-4 Korea

Uttam Singh has asked for a review. He fell in the striking circle when trying to receive a pass. He has claimed that the goalkeeper of Korea that is Kim obstructed him and that made him fall... Poor luck for India. There is no advice possible due to the lack of proper visuals.

06:36 PM IST: 4th Quarter - India 4-4 Korea

Just two more minutes for the match to end. The restlessness among Indian players can be felt easily. It's evident and quite obvious in the case of this young team.

06:32 PM IST: 4th Quarter - India 4-4 Korea

A real chance for India in the past five minutes or so. Korea have done a good job to keep India outside the striking circle. India still need one goal to enter the final or they will be Korea who will advance to the final.

06:28 PM IST: 4th Quarter - India 4-4 Korea

A good pass from SV Sunil. He hit the ball from the right flank in front of a running Karthi Selvam to the far post, but Selvam failed to reach to the pass on time. India are creating good chances.

06:25 PM IST: 4th Quarter - India 4-4 Korea

Chance missed! A tough one for SV Sunil as he got the hard-hit pass on his body during the run near the post and that saw him failing to tap the ball inside the post. 


06:21 PM IST: 3rd Quarter Ends - India 4-4 Korea

India need to score at least one goal more in case they concede none from here. Or put it simply as they need to win this game to enter final.

06:19 PM IST: 3rd Quarter - GOAL!!! India 4-4 Korea

Korea score again! They have beautifully used the advantage of 10-man India. This match once again hangs in balance.

06:16 PM IST: 3rd Quarter - India 4-3 Korea

Oh, no! Uttam Singh has missed a golden chance. He was served in front of the post well inside D and all that he needed was to tap the ball properly into the post. His tap went off the near post. This will hurt India if this match ends in a draw.

06:14 PM IST: 3rd Quarter - India 4-3 Korea

This is poor game from India. They are leading in this match and they should try to keep the ball possession as much as possible. On the contrary, they are pressing extremely hard and losing ball possession to the Koreans. Meanwhile, Yashdeep Siwach gets a yellow card. He will stay out for five minutes.

06:09 PM IST: 3rd Quarter - GOAL!!! India 4-3 Korea

India get the lead. Shakthivel Mareeswaran has scored it but you need to give credit to Sheshe Gowda for it. He fed Mareeswaran at the middle of D with a beautiful pass from the right flank and all that Mareeswaran needed was to place the ball into the post beating Kim. 

06:05 PM IST: 3rd Quarter - India 3-3 Korea

Chance missed by Korea. A good defence eventually helped India save it but they are not good with their defence today. Their man marking has been really poor.

06:02 PM IST: 3rd Quarter - India 3-3 Korea

The third quarter has started and India need an early goal to keep things under control. Remember they need a win from this game to enter final, while for Korea, even a draw will work. 

05:53 PM IST: 2nd Quarter Ends - India 3-3 Korea

The match hangs in balance. Just when it seems one team is dominating the other, we see a goal against the run of play. The score is 3-3 and India can only blame themselves for not maintaining the lead. They failed to mark the Korean players properly and that saw them conceding two field goals.

05:49 PM IST: 2nd Quarter - GOAL!!! India 3-3 Korea

Korea get another field goal and it's an equalizer. Taeil gave JungHoo a good pass on the left flank and the latter hit the ball on the far post. Indian goalie Suraj Karkera had no chance.

05:46 PM IST: 2nd Quarter - India 3-2 Korea

Korea got two back-to-back penalty corners but thankfully for India the scores remain unchanged. While the first drag flick was defended well, the second shot went off the post.

05:41 PM IST: 2nd Quarter - GOAL!!! India 3-2 Korea

That's sensational from India. They bounced back from the defensive third to convert the chance into a goal. After getting the ball on the left flank folllowing some great work in mid-field, Sheshe Gowda scored for India. India are having the lead now.


05:37 PM IST: 2nd Quarter - GOAL!!! India 2-2 Korea

PC for India and they score. Dipsan Tirkey is the man to score via drag flick. He outplayed Kim by hitting on his right side. It seems like Maninder Singh also got his stick to it.

05:33 PM IST: 2nd Quarter - GOAL!!! India 1-2 Korea

Korea have got the lead. A defensive error from India saw the opponents get another goal. It was a field goal from Korea. JI Woo Cheon scored it.

05:31 PM IST: 2nd Quarter - India 1-1 Korea

A good reverse hit from Pawan Rajbhar but Kim made the save after the ball hit him straight.

05:28 PM IST: 1st Quarter Ends - India 1-1 Korea

That was a beautiful first quarter as both India and Korea played good hockey and scored a goal is each. India got a lead through Nilam Sanjeep while Jonghyun Jang scored the leveller.

05:23 PM IST: 1st Quarter - GOAL!!! India 1-1 Korea

Korea have got a penalty corner. Can they level the scores? ... Yes they do. Jonghyun Jang scored on the drag flick. 

05:19 PM IST: 1st Quarter - GOAL!!! India 1-0 Korea

Nilam Sanjeep has scored the first goal. It was a beautiful, calm and composed drag flick from him to the right of Jayhyeon Kim.

05:18 PM IST: 1st Quarter - India 0-0 Korea

That's a wonderful save from Jayhyeon Kim. Uttam Singh had almost provided India a lead but a proactive Kim made a superb save from his left leg... Now, India get a penalty.  


05:15 PM IST: 1st Quarter - India 0-0 Korea

Indians have done a good job so far. With the help of some short and beautiful passing, they have managed to keep more ball possession. On the other hand, Korea have not been good on the attacking front.

05:10 PM IST: 1st Quarter - India 0-0 Korea

India get a penalty corner. Their first one of the game. Can it make a difference to the scores? Korea goalkeeper Jayhyeon Kim manages to save it. Score 0-0.

05:08 PM IST: It's Game Time - 1st Quarter - India 0-0 Korea

The match between India and Korea kicks off. India need to win this game to enter the final. Let's see if they can press hard since the first quarter itself or Korea keep them at bay.

05:06 PM IST: Time For National Anthem

Players of both the teams enter the turf. They will start with India's national anthem and that of Korea will follow.

05:04 PM IST: Here Is What Dipsan Said

Dipsan Tirkey, India's leading goal-scorer in the tournament said that he is fully prepared for the game and the team would try to convert as many goals as possible even in the first half 

04:51 PM IST: India's Starting XI

04:48 PM IST: Incredible India

The Indian men's hockey team have played some exciting hockey in the Asia Cup. A team with a mixture of youth and experience, India came back strongly against Malaysia on Sunday to draw their previous game 3-3. Despite trailing early on, India fought valiantly with Vishnukant Singh (32nd minute) reducing the deficit in the third quarter. SV Sunil (53rd) and Nilam Sanjeep Xess (55th) scored a goal each in the final quarter. Razie Rahim (12th, 21st, 56th) starred for Malaysia with a hat-trick. Interestingly, the Korea vs Malaysia match also ended in a 2-2 draw.


04:40 PM IST: Japan deflate

The Japanese men's hockey team, that topped its group in the league stage, has flattered to deceive in the Asia Cup hockey 2022 Super 4s. India, who lost in the group stage, took their revenge in the Super 4s with a 2-1 win and then Japan lost to Korea 3-1 to lose all hopes of finishing in the top 2. The top two finishers in the Super 4s play for the gold while No. 3 and 4 play for the bronze. All four nations have qualified for the FIH World Cup in Odisha next year.

04:18 PM IST: Preview

India face South Korea in a must-win game in the Super 4s of Asia Cup hockey 2022 on Tuesday. Malaysia beat Japan in the penultimate match to top the Super 4s table with 5 points. This means that India need to beat Korea to enter the final. A draw won't help India's cause as Korea, who are levelled on four points with India, and Malaysia both have a better goal difference than that of India.

04:16 PM IST: Welcome To India vs Korea Live Blog

Hello everyone and welcome to the space. The tournament is going down to the wire now as Malaysia have defeated Japan 5-0 to clinch a final berth. This means only one between India and Korea will enter the final. Which will be the team? We will find out soon. Stay connected for the match and score updates.

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