Sean Dyche: Everton Boss On Latest EPL Charge And Reported Bust-Up With Nathan Patterson

Everton, who have already been deducted six points this season, are facing further punishment over a second alleged breach of the Premier League’s regulations

Sean Dyche wants the financial issues hanging over Everton resolved quickly. Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA

Everton boss Sean Dyche is hoping for a quick resolution to the club’s latest profit and sustainability charge and that the case “comes to nothing”. (More Football News)

The Merseysiders, who have already been deducted six points this season, are facing further punishment over a second alleged breach of the Premier League’s regulations.

A hearing took place earlier this week and the club are now awaiting a verdict, which should be delivered before April 8.


Dyche said at a press conference: “They’ve shared the information that was asked of them. It’s too early to get a feel of it and we’re just waiting, really, like we did last time.

“I’m sure everyone’s hoping that it’s fast-tracked slightly, but we’ll have to wait and see.

“I don’t think anyone has concrete proof of how or which way these things will go, particularly after the first one.

“We can only give the information that’s appropriate. I wasn’t there, obviously, but I’m told we’ve given every bit of information that we can give.

“We hope that they see, accordingly, what the club has been trying to do to make sure we’re within the right areas that they need us to be in. So, therefore, we’ll hope that it comes to nothing.”

Everton’s punishment and potential further sanction, coupled with a four-point deduction for relegation rivals Nottingham Forest, has confused the situation at the bottom of the table.

The Toffees are currently four points above 18th-placed Forest, but the East Midlands outfit have an appeal pending.

There are fears the final positions, and consequently the relegation picture, may not be resolved until after the season has concluded.

With Everton initially docked 10 points before that was reduced to six on appeal, and the Forest penalty a different figure altogether, Dyche admits he is puzzled.

“There’s no consistency,” said Dyche, whose side travel to Bournemouth on Saturday hoping to end an 11-game winless run.

“I don’t know the minutiae of our own, let alone theirs. When you’re in that room, and the way they decide things, maybe there’s different reasons and I can only imagine there’s more depth to it.

“But in its simplest form, then I think everyone, not just us, said, ‘How’s that? Where did that come from? How does that work out?’

Dyche, meanwhile, played down reports of a bust-up with defender Nathan Patterson during the club’s recent training camp in Portugal.

It was claimed Dyche jokingly aimed a slap at the Scot but accidentally caught him harder than he intended, leading to heated exchanges.


Dyche said: “The old favourite – never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

“There’s nothing in it, really. It was a joke. I tapped him on the head like your older brother would, and he didn’t get the joke. That was it, basically. There’s no more to it.

“But of course, that wouldn’t have sold. So, when that does get out everyone has to add layers and layers and layers to it but it’s really that simple. That was it.”