Thomas Cup Finals 2022, India Vs Indonesia: Kidambi Srikanth Seals 3-0 Sweep, India Lift Historic Title - Highlights

India became the sixth nation ever to lift the prestigious Thomas Cup title. Indonesia lead the chart with 14 titles. Get highlights of India vs Indonesia.

The Indian contingent celebrates their Thomas Cup 2022 triumph. Get highlights of IND vs INA.

Today is very very rare day for Indian badminton as they created history at the Impact Arena in Bangkok by whitewashing defending champions Indonesia 3-0 in the final to lift their maiden Thomas Cup title. After PV Sindhu-led Indian women were ousted in the Uber Cup quarterfinals, the onus was on their male counterparts and they did it in style to etch their names in the history books. First, Indian men crushed Malaysia and Denmark quarterfinals and semifinals before producing a scintillating performance on Sunday. Lakshya Sen gave India the lead with a fighting win over Anthony Ginting in the first men's singles match. Lakshya lost the first game 8-21 but came back strongly to take the match with scores of 21-17 and 21-16 in the next to games. The men's doubles game between Satwiksairaj Rankireddy-Chirag Shetty and Mohammad Ahsan-Kevin Sukamuljo was a similar kind of affair. The Indian duo of Satwik-Chirag lost the first game before turning the table to win 18-21, 23-21, 21-19 and put India on the cusp of history. Leading 2-0, it was on Kidambi Srikanth to do the rest. The World Championship silver medallist survived some nerve-wracking moments against Jonatan Christie but in the end, won the decider 21-15, 23-21 to create history. India had previously reached the semifinals on three occasions - 1952, 1955 and 1979 - but back then, only finalists were awarded medals. Get highlights of India vs Indonesia. 

15:30 PM IST: Sports Ministry announces a cash prize of INR 1 crore to the Indian team for winning the Thomas Cup 2022. 

15:15 PM IST: India Win Thomas Cup 2022

India have created history in Bangkok. India beat Indonesia 3-0 in the final. Kidambi Srikant beats Jonatan Christie 21-15, 23-21.     

15:13 PM IST: Game 2 - Srikanth 21-21 Christie

It's anybody's game now. Kidambi Srikanth is level at 21-21 with Jonatan Christie.   

15:08 PM IST: Game 2 - Srikanth 19-18 Christie

Srikanth is looking for answers here in Bangkok. He once again smashes at the net before earning a point with a straight smash. Two more points for Srikanth to level the scores. And a cross-court smashes gives him the lead.      

15:03 PM IST: Game 2 - Srikanth 13-15 Christie

Srikanth didn't get the elevation properly to smash under the net and lose the lead. Six of the last seven points went to Christie. The Indonesian leads 15-13.    

15:02 PM IST: Game 2 - Srikanth 11-7 Christie

Srikanth goes into the interval with a 11-8 lead. This is Srikanth's game now. he is calm and collected and should not lose his composure from here on.   

14:48 PM IST: Game 2 - Srikanth 9-7 Christie

Kidambi Srikanth shouldn't be complacent here. He needs to keep up the pressure on Jonatan Christie. Too many unforced errors make the scores level. Srikanth takes the lead once again with a brilliant tactical play.   

14:48 PM IST: Srikanth Wins Game 1

And that's it. Kidambi Srikanth take the first game 21-15. India are just a game win away from scripting history.  

14:44 PM IST: Game 1 - Srikanth 19-15 Christie

Kidambi Srikanth is having a good time at the court. After being put on the backfoot twice in the game, the Indian used his shots to perfection forcing the oppotion to make unforced errors.  

14:40 PM IST: Game 1 - Srikanth 15-11 Christie 

Kidambi Srikanth uses the body smash to perfection to catch Jonatan off guard. Extends four-point lead over the Indonesian. 

14:35 PM IST: Game 1 - Srikanth 9-8 Christie 

Jonatan Christie makes a brilliant comeback to level the score at 8 all. But Srikanth was quick to take the lead again.   

14:27 PM IST: Game 1 - Srikanth 4-0 Christie

What a start by Kidambi Srikanth. The World Championship silver medallist races to a 4-0 lead in no time. 

14:20 PM IST: It's Kidambi Srikanth vs Jonatan Christie 

Next up is India's Kidambi Srikanth against Jonatan Christie in men's single. For the fact, Srikanth is yet to lose a game in this campaign. Christie wins toss and Srikanth to serve.    

14:17 PM IST: India One Win Away From History 

India have done it. The pair of Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty win their men's doubles match to give the Indians a 2-0 lead. Just one win away from history. Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty defeated  Mohammad Ahsan and Kevin Sukamuljo 18-21, 23-21, 21-19. 

14:12 PM IST: Game 3 - Satwik-Chirag 20-18 Ahsan-Kevin 

The Indians are inching to a 2-0 lead in this match. Satwik-Chirag pair leads 20-18 against the Indonesians. 

14:07 PM IST: Game 3 - Satwik-Chirag 16-16 Ahsan-Kevin 

The Satwik-Chirag pair keeps the Indians on track as they win three straight points to draw level at 16 all.

14:02 PM IST: Game 3 - Satwik-Chirag 11-14 Ahsan-Kevin 

Indonesia come back stronger with five straight points and take the lead 14-11.   

13:54 PM IST: Game 3 - Satwik-Chirag 12-10 Ahsan-Kevin 

Indonesia draw level with a wonderful angled smash from Mohammed Ahsan. But the Indians are back with the lead with three straight points. At the interval, India are leading 12-10.    

13:51 PM IST: Game 3 - Satwik-Chirag 4-2 Ahsan-Kevin 

Fantastic straight smash by Chirag Shetty to give India 4-2 lead.   

13:43 PM IST: Game 2 - Satwik-Chirag 21-21 Ahsan-Kevin

India are not here to let the game go so easily. The duo of Satwik and Chirag forces the Indonesian pair to make unforced errors as they draw level 20-20. Indonesia win the first match point but India responds with another leveller. And India win game 2 23-21 saving four match points. Brilliant comeback.     

13:33 PM IST: Game 2 - Satwik-Chirag 14-17 Ahsan-Kevin

The Indonesian pair makes a brilliant comeback with tactical play to cut the deficit to 10-12. They take seven more points to take the lead 17-14 


13:32 PM IST: Game 2 - Satwik-Chirag 11-6 Ahsan-Kevin

"Keep it simple" is the message from India's doubles coach Mathias Boe. Satwik-Chirag leads 11-6 at the interval.  

13:26 PM IST: Game 2 - Satwik-Chirag 8-5 Ahsan-Kevin

The Indians are putting their best foot forward in game 2. Satwik-Chirag extends lead over the Indonesian pair 8-5.   

13:18 PM IST: Game 1 - Satwik-Chirag 18-21 Ahsan-Kevin

Superb play from the Indonesian pair to take the first game 21-18.

13:16 PM IST: Game 1 - Satwik-Chirag 14-18 Ahsan-Kevin

Brilliant play from Satwik-Chirag and a misjudgment from Mohammed Ahsan puts India at 14-18

13:12 PM IST: Game 1 - Satwik-Chirag 10-15 Ahsan-Kevin


A drop shot from Mohammed Ahsan takes the Indonesian lead to 15-10 against the Indians. The Indonesian pair looks much more relaxed now.  

13:09 PM IST: Game 1 - Satwik-Chirag 11-9 Ahsan-Kevin

Two straight points for Ahsan-Kevin pair to go into the interval with a 11-9 lead. 

13:01 PM IST: Game 1 - Satwik-Chirag 9-9 Ahsan-Kevin

It's been a pretty evenly contest between the two, India raced to a 4-3 lead initially but the Indonesian pair is leaving no stones unturned to keep pace with their Indian counterparts.   

13:01 PM IST: Game 1 - Satwik-Chirag 1-1 Ahsan-Kevin

A point each for both teams to start with. 


12:59 PM IST: Men's Double On The Way 

After a sensational opening game, the focus now shifts to the men's doubles between Satwiksairaj Rankireddy-Chirag Shetty and Mohammad Ahsan-Kevin Sukamuljo. 

12:48 PM IST: Game 3 - Sen Gives India The Lead 

Lakshya Sen beats Anthony Ginting with four straight points to give India a perfect start. He wins the game 21-16. 

12:41 PM IST:Game 3 - Ginting 15-18 Sen 

Two more points for Sen to extend the lead. He adds another three and puts pressure on Ginting. Sen is pumped up.   

12:39 PM IST:Game 3 - Ginting 12-13 Sen 

Three straight points for Sen with a lovely cross-court clearance. And the Indian draws level with a brilliant diagonal smash. The entire Indian contingent is ecstatic. Add another point as Sen takes the lead.   


12:36 PM IST: Game 3 - Ginting 11-7 Sen

Lakshya sen is making too many unforced errors in an attempt to cut the lead. Sen trails 7-11 at the interval.   

12:31 PM IST: Game 3 - Ginting 8-6 Sen

Two straight points from Sen against Ginting. But he needs to make a comeback soon to stay in this game. And now a brilliant cross-court smash to cut the deficit. Sen trails 6-8. 

12:29 PM IST: Game 3 - Ginting 4-1 Sen

Strong start from Ginting in the decider. The Indonesian leads 4-1.  

12:24 PM IST: Sen Beats Ginting In Game 2


Wonderful smash from Sen to draw level in this game. Sen wins game 2 21-17. 

12:23 AM IST: Game 2 - Ginting 17-20 Sen

Lakshya Sen maintains his lead over Ginting in the second game. He is having a three-point advantage over Ginting and forcing the Indonesian to make unforced errors. Sen leads 20-17. Just need a point to force a third game.    

12:15 AM IST: Game 2 - Ginting 11-12 Sen

Good response from Ginting as his two cross-court smashes give him two straight points.  

12:12 AM IST: Game 2 - Ginting 10-5 Sen

What a rally! Sen uses his cross-net shot, cross-court smashes to take Ginting off the guard. Five-point advantage for the Indian. It is also the longest rally of the game.


12:09 AM IST: Game 2 - Ginting 4-7 Sen

Sen is looking more aggressive in the second game. He took three straight points before Ginting breaks the streak. Sen has a 3-point advantage now.    

11:58 AM IST: Game 2 - Ginting 2-2 Sen

Ginting is taken off guard by a terrific cross-court smash from Sen. He takes another point to draw level at 2-2. 

11:58 AM IST: Lakshya Loses Game 1

Nothing is going right for Sen. He is lacking in confidence and purely struggling against Ginting. The Indonesian has been using his cross-court smashes to good effect so far with Sen unable to catch his opponent. Ginting wins the opening game 21-8.  


11:55 AM IST: Game 1 - Ginting 15-7 Sen

It has been an even contest so far with both Sen and Ginting having their chances. Sen drew level twice but it was Ginting who is ruling at the moment with seven straight points. 

11:54 AM IST: Game 1 - Ginting 9-7 Sen

Absolutely commanding from Ginting. The Indonesian used the whole court to full effect and played the longest rally in the match so far to take the lead once again.  

11:50 AM IST: Game 1 - Ginting 6-6 Sen

Lakshya draws level, thanks to a couple of unforced errors from Ginting. 

11:41 AM IST: Game 1 - Ginting 2-3 Sen


Brilliant comeback by Sen to take the lead after trailing 0-2 against Ginting. The Indian was taken off guard but the 20-year-old from Almora uses his court to good effect. 

11:40 AM IST: Toss

Anthony Ginting wins the toss and will serve. Not to forget, Sen had defeated Ginting earlier this year at German Open.  

11:37 AM IST: Stage Is All Set

Both teams make their way into the middle. Indonesia are led by Anthony Ginting. And now comes the underdogs, the giant killers India make their way into the middle. Lakshya Sen leads the way.     

11:01 AM IST: India vs Indonesia Order Of Play 


MS - Lakshya Sen vs Anthony Ginting 

MD - Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty vs Mohammad Ahsan and Kevin Sukamuljo

MS - Kidambi Srikanth vs Jonathan Christie

MD - MR Arjun and Dhruv Kapila vs Fajar Alfian and Muhammad Riad Ardianto

MS - HS Prannoy vs Shesar Hiren Rhustavito 

10:56 AM IST: Indonesia Favourites

Indonesia are the most successful team in the history of the Thomas Cup with 14 titles. Almost all players from the current team were also part of their championship-winning campaign in 2021, which saw Indonesia end a 19-year-long wait for the Thomas Cup, the symbol of supremacy of men's team badminton in the world.


10:30 AM IST: Experience Matters 

HS Prannoy's experience mattered when India delivered the knockout blow to Denmark in the decisive fifth tie. Battling pain due to an ankle injury, Prannoy defeated world number 13 Rasmus Gemke 13-21, 21-9, 21-12 to script a historic day for Indian badminton. HS Prannoy played similar roles in the quarterfinals and semifinals as well but this win against Gemke was special because of the pain. This will help the Indians motivate themselves against the fancied Indonesians, the defending champions.

10:21 AM IST: Hello

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of India vs Indonesia in the final of the BWF Thomas Cup 2022 at the Impact Arena in Bangkok.