Boxer Shiva Thakran Wins WBC Asia Continental Title

The pandemic did not help Thakran as it affected his routine but the 25-year old has not looked down as the victory states so.

Thakran turned professional in 2016, Thakran and has had a good run in the nascent Indian Pro Boxing

Indian super middleweight boxer Shiva Thakran was crowned WBC Asia Continental champion after he clinched a Technical Knockout (TKO) victory over Malaysia's Adli Hafidz here.

The Indian caused ripples in the Asian Pro Boxing circuit with the eighth round stoppage win over the former South East Asian Games medallist on Wednesday.

The fight had been three months in the making and Thakran had moved up two weight divisions from his usual super welterweight for the contest.

"When this fight was made, nobody expected me to last more than 6 rounds, let alone win by a KO. A lot of people had written me off as I hadn't fought in more than a year," Shiva said.

"People forget that I am only 25 years old, I started off on Pro Boxing quite early unlike the usual norms in India where you are expected to stick to amateurs.

"I climbed over 2 weights for this fight, it hasn't affected me at all."

Since turning professional in 2016, Thakran (16-3, 8 KOs) has had a good run in the nascent Indian Pro Boxing circuit. 

The COVID induced lockdowns and restrictions have had an effect on Thakran, as he had to sit out and watch while his peers in the global circuit have gained considerable experience in the past three years. 

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