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MyGame & LuckyTownGroup: Malaysia's Top Online Casinos

Compare MyGame and LuckyTownGroup: top online gaming platforms in Malaysia. Explore games, rebates and promotions. Click link free credit!

MyGame & LuckyTownGroup
MyGame & LuckyTownGroup: Malaysia's Top Online Casinos

MyGame & LuckyTownGroup: Malaysia's Top Online Casinos

In the thriving world of online gaming, finding the right platform to suit your needs can be a daunting task. Today, we introduce you to two of Malaysia's top online casino platforms: MyGame and LuckyTownGroup. Both platforms offer unique features, exciting games, and generous promotions designed to enhance your gaming experience. Read on to discover more about these leading online casinos and get access to exclusive free credit links to kickstart your gaming journey!

Overview of MyGame

MyGame is Malaysia’s premier online casino platform, celebrated for its extensive gaming portfolio and commitment to providing a comprehensive and engaging experience for all players.

MyGame History and Reputation

With over years of presence in the Malaysian online gambling scene, MyGame has solidified its position as a trusted online casino. Founded with a mission to offer a secure, fair, and thrilling gambling environment, MyGame utilizes advanced game software and robust security measures like SSL encryption to ensure player safety

Why Choose MyGame?

  • Extensive Game Library: MyGame offers a wide variety of games including slots, table games, live casino, and sports betting.

  • Generous Promotions: Players can enjoy welcome bonuses, cashback offers, and ongoing promotions to boost their gaming sessions.

  • Secure and Easy Access: MyGame ensures a secure gaming environment with advanced encryption technology and a simple registration process.

Discover Exciting Promotions at MyGame

MyGame is dedicated to enhancing your gaming adventure with an array of exciting promotions designed to amplify your rewards across our diverse selection of games. Whether you prefer live casino thrills, immersive slot experiences, strategic sports betting, or the excitement of 4D lotteries, our promotions are crafted to enrich every moment you spend with us.

  • MyGame Unlimited Daily Rebate



Rebate %

Lives BG


Lives AG


Lives AE


Lives Casino












grand dragon 4d


  • Benefit: Receive daily cash rebates ranging from 0.1% to 2.0% on a variety of games including live casino, slots, sports betting, and more.

  • Availability: Rebates are credited daily, starting from 12:00 PM, ensuring continuous enjoyment without turnover requirements for withdrawals from RM100.

MyGame Referral Program

  • Feature: Earn ongoing commissions by inviting friends to join MyGame.

  • Mechanism: Simply share your referral link or code to earn rebates on your friends' activities.

  • Advantages: Enjoy unrestricted withdrawals and the ability to stack bonuses with other promotions for greater rewards.

MyGame King of Slot Multiplier

  • Event: Engage in our thrilling slot and fish games competition with a total prize pool up to RM44,660.

  • Participation: Qualify automatically by meeting minimum wager and turnover requirements.

  • Rewards: Top 20 weekly players receive generous cash prizes, with the highest prize reaching RM18,888.

Explore the Exciting World of Games at MyGame

MyGame offers an extensive and diverse range of games that cater to every gaming preference, ensuring a thrilling experience for all players. Here’s a detailed overview of the games available:


Bet on a wide range of sports events at MyGame , where you can enjoy competitive odds and live betting. Whether you prefer football, basketball, or tennis, platforms like SB Sport and M8 Sport offer extensive sports coverage and user-friendly interfaces.


Immerse yourself in the world of esports betting at MyGame . From popular games like League of Legends to CS, platforms like TFGaming E-sport provide comprehensive esports coverage and live streaming options for thrilling gaming tournaments.


Experience the thrill of live dealer games at MyGame's live casino. Interact with professional dealers in real-time while playing classic table games such as roulette and blackjack. Evolution Gaming Live Casino and BG Live offer immersive gameplay with a wide variety of live dealer games.


Explore a vast array of slot games at MyGame , featuring themes from adventure to classic fruit machines. Platforms like JILI Slot and Red Tiger Slot offer engaging gameplay with visually stunning graphics and exciting bonus features.


Dive into interactive fishing games at MyGame , where you can challenge yourself to capture marine creatures for rewards. Enjoy platforms like APOLLO OCEAN KING 3 and BB STINGRAY FISH, known for their realistic environments and dynamic fishing challenges.


Test your poker skills at MyGame 's poker tables, offering tournaments and cash games for players of all levels. Platforms like KY Poker provide secure and competitive environments with various game variations and stakes.


Take part in the EKOR lottery at MyGame , where you can predict winning numbers for 4D betting games. Engage in this popular lottery section for chances to win substantial prizes.


Bet on thrilling horse races at MyGame 's horse racing section, featuring live streaming and competitive odds. Platforms like RCB Horsebook offer detailed race analysis and a comprehensive horse racing betting experience.

MyGame Agent Commission Structure and Benefits

MyGame offers a competitive commission structure designed to reward agents based on the betting activity of their referred players. The commission rates vary across different gaming categories and player levels, ensuring MyGame agents can maximize their earnings:

Game Category

Player 1 Commission (%)

Player 2 Commission (%)

Player 3 Commission (%)

Player 4 Commission (%)






LIVE Games










SLOT Games





Vpower SLOT





Lion King SLOT

























How to become MyGame Agent

  • Register as an Agent: Start by registering as an agent with MyGame. This process is straightforward and typically involves filling out a registration form.

  • Refer Players: Once registered, you’ll receive unique referral links or codes that you can share with potential players. Encourage them to sign up and start playing on MyGame.

  • Earn Commissions: As your referred players engage in gaming activities, you earn commissions based on their betting turnover. The more active your players are, the higher your potential earnings.

  • Monitor and Optimize: Use MyGame’s agent dashboard to monitor your referrals, track commissions, and optimize your strategies to attract and retain active players.

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or start a new venture in the online gaming industry, becoming a MyGame agent offers a rewarding opportunity. Register today, start referring players, and embark on a journey to earning substantial commissions with MyGame.

For more information or to get started, visit MyGame’s official website or contact their agent support team directly. Start earning with MyGame today!

How to Register on MyGame

Visit the MyGame Registration Page:

Go to the MyGame website or app and locate the registration section or scan here

MyGame & LuckyTownGroup

Fill Out Registration Details:

  • Enter your phone number without the country code. This will also serve as your username.

  • Choose a password that is between 6 to 20 characters in length.

  • Confirm your password.

  • Enter the OTP (One-Time Password) code received for verification.

Enter Referral Code to Get Free Money:

  • Use Referral Code: F60h62BN, enter it during the registration process.

Complete Registration:

  • Follow any additional prompts to complete the registration process successfully.

MyGame Top-Up Methods

In the competitive landscape of online gaming, MyGame stands out by offering a versatile array of top-up methods designed to cater to the specific preferences of its users. With a focus on simplicity and security, MyGame provides various options including popular e-wallets, bank transfers, and more, ensuring that players can easily fund their accounts and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.

  • Instant Bank Transfers:

Supported Banks: Maybank (MBB), CIMB Bank, RHB Bank, Bank Rakyat.

MyGame facilitates instant deposits directly from your bank account to your gaming wallet, ensuring swift access to funds without delays.

  • DuitNow - TruePay:

Users can opt for DuitNow transfers, a seamless and quick method for transferring funds to their MyGame account securely.

  • Touch 'n Go (TNG):

This e-wallet option allows users to top up their MyGame wallet using their Touch 'n Go account, providing flexibility and convenience for mobile users.

How to Download MyGame

Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading MyGame on Mobile

MyGame Android APK and iOS Download

  • Open your browser on your mobile device and navigate to the MyGame website.

  • Locate the Download Section

  • Find the download section for mobile applications.

  • Choose Your Device Type

  • Select the appropriate download link for your device (Android APK or iOS).

  • Download the App

  • For Android: Click on the download link for the APK file and follow the prompts to download and install the app on your device.

  • For iOS: Click on the download link and follow the prompts to download and install the app from the App Store.

  • Enter Referral Code

  • Once installed, register using the free credit link using referral code F60h62BN to get welcome bonus.

Overview of LuckyTownGroup

LuckyTown has emerged as a prominent online gaming platform in Malaysia, expanding its reach to players in Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. The platform is renowned for its intuitive interface and diverse selection of games, catering to both newcomers and seasoned players.

LuckyTownGroup History and Reputation
Rising swiftly in popularity, LuckyTownGroup is acclaimed for its stylish interface and commitment to providing favorable win rates and strategic betting opportunities. It has quickly become a preferred choice among Malaysian players seeking an exceptional gaming experience.

Why Choose MyGame?

  • Wide Range of Games: LuckyTown provides a diverse selection of games including slots, live casino games, sports betting, fishing games, and more. This variety ensures that players have ample choices to suit their preferences and interests.

  • Attractive Promotions: The platform regularly offers enticing promotions such as daily check-ins, roulette events, VIP bonuses, and rebates. These promotions enhance the gaming experience by providing additional value and rewards.

  • Payment Options: LuckyTown supports a variety of payment methods, making deposits and withdrawals convenient for players. Popular payment options ensure flexibility and accessibility for transactions.

  • Security and Trust: With a focus on security, LuckyTown employs advanced encryption technology to safeguard players' personal and financial information. This commitment to security instills trust among users.

Discover Exciting Promotions at LuckyTown

LuckyTown, your premier destination for online gaming excitement, offers a range of thrilling promotions designed to enhance your gaming experience and reward your loyalty. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the scene, LuckyTown's promotions provide ample opportunities to win big and enjoy exclusive benefits. Here’s a closer look at what LuckyTown has to offer:

  • Daily Check-In Bonus


Kick-start your day with LuckyTown's Daily Check-In Bonus. Simply log in daily and complete the check-in to receive RM15 in cash points. Consistent check-ins also lead to additional rewards, including special red envelope bonuses for cumulative recharges over RM50 within seven days.

  • Lucky Roulette Draw

Feeling lucky? Participate in LuckyTown's Lucky Roulette Draw for a chance to win big prizes. Spin the wheel and stand a chance to win up to RM388 in cash prizes or even a luxurious BMW car. Convert your winnings into LT Chips for added flexibility.

  • Referral Program


Spread the joy of gaming with LuckyTown's Referral Program. Invite friends to join and receive generous gift codes as a token of appreciation. Grow the LuckyTown community and earn rewards together.

  • AdvantPlay Free Bonus


During this special promotion, LuckyTown is giving away RM200,000 worth of free bonuses. Simply visit the website to claim your bonus, available once per account. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost your gaming experience with extra funds.

  • AdvantPlay Launch Bonus

Celebrate the launch of AdvantPlay with LuckyTown! Log in to claim your RM10 bonus, available once per account. Explore new games and features without any initial investment.

  • LK Point System

LK Point

Earn LK points with every valid bet on Pragmatic Play games. Accumulate points based on your VIP level and redeem them for exciting bonuses and gifts. It's a rewarding way to play your favorite games.

  • VIP Benefits and Levels

Unlock exclusive benefits as a LuckyTown VIP. Enjoy higher rebate percentages, special birthday rewards, and personalized customer support. The VIP program is tailored to elevate your gaming experience and show appreciation for your loyalty.

Join LuckyTown Today!

Whether you're drawn to thrilling slots, live casino action, or competitive esports, LuckyTown ensures there's something for every player. Take advantage of these promotions to maximize your enjoyment and chances of winning. Explore LuckyTown's wide range of games and promotions today to discover why it’s a preferred choice among gaming enthusiasts.

Explore the Exciting World of Games at LuckyTown

LuckyTown boasts a comprehensive selection of games designed to cater to every gaming preference, ensuring an exhilarating experience for all players. Here's a comprehensive look at the diverse range of games you can enjoy at LuckyTownGroup:


At LuckyTownGroup, the lottery enthusiasts are in for a treat with the 4D Lottery. This popular game offers regular draws where players can test their luck by selecting numbers strategically. It's a perfect blend of anticipation and the potential for substantial winnings.


Step into the world of slot games with LuckyTownGroup's impressive lineup. Featuring renowned providers like Pragmatic Play, you can enjoy a diverse range of slot themes and mechanics. From the classic allure of Mega888 to the innovative offerings of ACE333, there's a slot game to suit every taste and preference.

Live Casino

For those craving the authentic casino experience from the comfort of home, LuckyTownGroup's live casino delivers. Play alongside live dealers in real-time games hosted by AG for a professional atmosphere, or immerse yourself in the glamorous settings of AE Sexy Live. With options like BG and Dream Gaming, every session promises excitement and realism.

Sports Betting

LuckyTownGroup caters to sports enthusiasts with a comprehensive sports betting platform. Whether you prefer WS Sport for its wide range of sports markets, SBO Sport for its robust betting options, or M9Bet for virtual sports excitement, there's no shortage of thrilling opportunities to place your bets and follow your favorite teams.

Fishing Games

Experience the thrill of the hunt with LuckyTownGroup's engaging fishing games. Dive into titles like Fishing Disco and Dragon Master, where you can test your skills and luck to reel in impressive virtual catches. With vibrant graphics and interactive gameplay, these games offer both relaxation and excitement.

LuckyTownGroup Agent Commission Structure and Benefits

As a LuckyTown agent, your earning potential is enhanced with a straightforward commission structure:

  • Member: Permanent 0.2% commission from all lower-level players, ensuring a steady income stream without the need for customer top-ups.

  • Super Player and Player: Enjoy escalating commission rates that reward higher player engagement and activity levels.

LuckyTown Agent Commission Structure

As a LuckyTown agent, you have the opportunity to earn lucrative commissions based on player activity. Here’s how commissions are structured:

  • Slot Games: Earn between 0.10% to 0.50% commission depending on the game and player level.

  • Live Casino Games: Enjoy commissions ranging from 0.10% to 8.00% for games like 28 Win and GD Lottery.

  • Sports Betting: Commission rates are set at 0.10% for all player levels across various sports betting platforms.

Additional Benefits of Being a LuckyTown Agent

  • Automated Systems: Simplify your operations with LuckyTown’s automated top-up and withdrawal system. Focus on growing your business without the hassle of manual transactions.

  • No Capital Required: Start earning immediately with no upfront investment needed. LuckyTown provides a straightforward path to profitability.

  • Support and Guidance: Benefit from dedicated support and training to help maximize your earnings and optimize player engagement.

How to Get Started

Joining as a LuckyTown agent is straightforward. Contact their team today to learn more about the agent program, and detailed commission structures, and start your journey into the exciting world of online gaming with LuckyTown.

How to Register on LuckyTown:

  • Access the LuckyTown Registration Page:

  • Go to the LuckyTown website or app and find the signup section or scan here

  • Enter Username and Password:

  • Create a username consisting of letters and numbers, with a minimum length of 8 characters.

  • Choose a password that is at least 8 digits long and does not contain spaces.

  • Confirm your password.

  • Provide Contact Information:

  • Select your country (e.g., Malaysia).

  • Enter your phone number, starting with the country code (+60 for Malaysia).

  • Verify your phone number by entering the OTP (One-Time Password) received via SMS.

  • Enter Referral Code to Get Free Spin:

  • If applicable, input the Referral Code: LTOFF1CIAL during the registration process.

  • Complete Registration:

  • Follow any further instructions to finalize your registration and secure your account.

LuckyTown Top-Up Methods

Ensuring seamless and convenient access to funds is crucial for any online gaming platform. LuckyTown excels in providing a range of top-up methods tailored to meet diverse user preferences and needs. Whether you prefer traditional banking methods, e-wallets, or other secure payment options, LuckyTown ensures hassle-free transactions to enhance your gaming experience.

Instant Top-Up Options:

  • GOPAY, SPEED PAY, RAPID PAY: These services enable immediate deposits, ensuring funds are available promptly for gaming activities.

Bank Transfer Deposit Method:

  • Supported Banks: Maybank, CIMB Bank.

  • Similar to MyGame, LuckyTown offers bank transfer options for users who prefer direct transfers from their bank accounts.

Touch 'n Go (TNG):

  • Just like MyGame, LuckyTown supports Touch 'n Go top-ups, catering to users who prefer using e-wallets for transactions.


  • LuckyTown also supports DuitNow transfers, providing another seamless avenue for users to fund their gaming accounts securely.

USDT (TRC20) - Binance, Huobi:

  • For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, LuckyTown offers the option to top up using USDT (TRC20) tokens from supported cryptocurrency exchanges, adding a unique dimension to funding options.

How to Download Luckytown

Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading LuckyTown on Mobile

LuckyTown Android APK and iOS Download

  • Click on the "Download" button or navigate to

  • Choose the "Download Android APK" or iOS Option:

  • Select "Download Android APK," or iOS then proceed to click "Install" and confirm by selecting "OK." The app will begin downloading.

  • Allow Installation from Unknown Sources:

  • Navigate to your device's "Settings," then "Security," and enable "Unknown Sources" to allow the installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

  • Install the App:

  • Open the downloaded APK file and follow the prompts to install the app on your device.

  • Enter Referral Code:

  • Once installed, register using free link credit and use referral code LTOFFICIAL to get welcome bonus.


The Malaysian online gaming landscape is vibrant and competitive, offering a plethora of options for enthusiasts seeking entertainment and rewards. In this article, we have explored and compared two prominent platforms, MyGame.Casino and LuckyTownGroup, to help you navigate the choices available and find the platform that best suits your gaming preferences.

MyGame.Casino stands out as a premier destination with a robust history and reputation in Malaysia. Known for its extensive game selection, including eSports, live casino games, and diverse slot offerings, MyGame caters to a wide range of gaming tastes. It emphasizes security, user experience, and innovative features like personalized player incentives and competitive promotions.

LuckyTownGroup has swiftly established itself as a top-tier platform, appealing with its user-friendly interface and a broad spectrum of gaming options. Specializing in live casino experiences, specialized slots, and unique events like high-stakes prize draws, LuckyTownGroup focuses on delivering an engaging and rewarding gaming environment.

whether you prioritize extensive game variety, innovative promotions, or seamless payment options, both MyGame and LuckyTownGroup deliver compelling reasons to engage with their platforms. Your choice ultimately hinges on personal gaming preferences, whether seeking immersive eSports experiences, dynamic live casino action, or lucrative promotional opportunities.

You can click on Free Credit Link below to visit the respective websites and start winning:

Disclaimer: The above is a contributor post, the views expressed are those of the contributor and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.