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Best Sports Betting Sites In The Philippines 2024 | How To Bet On Sports

Discover the thrill of Sports Betting Philippines with our expert guide. Find top sites, essential tips, and everything you need for a smart bet.

Best sports betting Philippines

Explore betting opportunities with our sports betting Philippines review. Our guide reveals how to effectively bet on sports and highlights the best betting sites in the Philippines.

Furthermore, we will explore top bookmakers like BetWinner, 22Bet, 20Bet and 1xBet. Keep reading to gain more insight on these and more.


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Sports Betting in the Philippines

Sports betting is a legal activity that anyone of legal age is free to explore in the Philippines. When participating, it’s important to select reputable online sportsbooks. Sportsbooks that are properly registered with the gambling authorities have secure platforms, a vast betting market, and good customer support, among others.

Our sports betting Philippines guide assists with this by analysing these online bookmakers in fine and exhaustive detail. We walk you through the ropes so you can have a seamless sports betting Philippines experience. Additionally, we provide you with a valuable resource you can always consult for your betting needs.

We are the foremost source for everything related to online sports betting in the Philippines. Our expertise lies in assisting you to select the finest gambling platforms.

List of the Safest Best Betting Sites in the Philippines

We continue our sports betting Philippines guide by analysing the foremost online bookmakers nationwide. Our research shows the best betting sites in the Philippines below:

  • BetWinner

  • 22Bet

  • 20Bet

  • 1xBet



This online gambling operator made it into our list of sports betting sites because of its offerings and features. Firstly, users can create an 

online sportsbook account in under a minute using the ‘phone’ or ‘one-click’ registration.

The online sports betting site also has vast betting markets, 

providing over 100 sports and 500 casino betting options. These cover popular sports, eSports and casino games like basketball, football, Mortal Kombat, Aviator, and Aztec Riches.

It is also worth noting that BetWinner supports bettors with about 50 payment methods, over 20 bonus offers and mobile betting. Finally, the operator offers live streaming and betting on its secure platform. BetWinner is a pacesetter, setting the benchmark for other online bookmakers.



This is another remarkable online betting site in the Philippines. 22Bet is a leading operator in the online gambling space and offers several outstanding features.

The sports betting Philippines site boasts over 1,000 slots, 24/7 customer support and over 200 payment methods. Players can bet online on popular sports and those less so, as well as in the casino. Additionally, the sports betting site offers a deposit bonus to new users.

Ultimately, the bookmaker is reputable, and users on the platform can access an extensive selection of sports and betting options.



This online bookmaker is renowned for having a competitive and entertaining betting environment, offering round-the-clock customer support. It also has an Android and iOS app serving bettors with an interactive mobile betting experience.

The popular sports betting site has a vast bonus and promotion lineup. It had over 15 bonus offers when writing this sports betting Philippines guide. A noteworthy inclusion is the first deposit bonus – this online gambling company offers distinct deposit bonuses for sports and casino players.

The online sportsbook brand covers over 5,000 games and 35 sports like other best betting sites Philippines. Bettors can thus access numerous and divergent betting options. In the same vein, 20Bet offers competitive odds across its sports, eSports and casino sections.



This bookmaker is another online gambling juggernaut. 1xBet is an international and famous sports betting Philippines site. Opening an online sportsbook account with 1xBet grants you access to the best of all worlds.

1xBet covers all its bases, from registration to sports betting options, casino games, virtuals, promotions, mobile apps and more.

How Do We Pick Our Best Online Sports Betting Sites?

This review section puts a lens on the best sports betting Philippines sites. In making these selections, we considered several factors. These include ease of registration, mobile compatibility, betting options, competitive odds, customer support and security.


This integral element tops our list, and for a good reason – a platform is only as effective as its security architecture permits. The best sports betting Philippines uses SSL encryption and is duly registered with the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).

Additionally, their services must be transparent and fair to all users – one way they do this is by using RNG. Finally, players must be confident that their user data is protected and well-managed from intruders and prying eyes.

Betting Options

This is another vital factor in our review of sports betting Philippines. The best sports betting sites have vast betting options. They usually feature extensive sports coverage, often covering popular sports, eSports, virtual sports and a buoyant casino.

Ideally, a good blend of these makes an excellent choice. Our evaluation of each of the betting site Philippines revealed that 1xBet and BetWinner lead the pack. 

Competitive Odds

Odds are an essential betting element, and rightly so. Thus, bettors naturally drift towards the online betting sites Philippines that offer the most value for their bets.

After meticulously evaluating and scrutinising several online bookmakers, our experts opine that BetWinner and 1xBet are the standout performers.

Mobile Compatibility

Many online gambling houses have transitioned into mobile betting. The leading sports betting brands in the Philippines include this element, and some even allow the use of mobile apps.

Some online bookmakers also provide a superb and thorough mobile version.  You can bet online and use all the traditional features obtainable on the desktop, including creating an online sportsbook account.

20Bet comes out top in this category, offering its customers an Android and iOS app.

Customer Support

This is another critical factor in picking the best online betting sites Philippines. Any serious-minded online sports betting platform in the Philippines will offer responsive and supportive service.

Sometimes, bettors love to receive clarity on issues bordering registration, placing a bet, etc. Customer support should provide prompt responses and resolve any challenges users have. 20Bet performs exceptionally, offering 24/7 support via live chat and email.

Other factors worth mentioning are fast payouts, live betting/streaming options, etc. Conclusively, no single site is the best online sports betting site. However, based on our research, there are several viable choices for the best betting sites Philippines.

How to Place a Bet with a Bookmaker

Placing a bet online is simple. Follow the steps listed in our sports betting Philippines guide below.

  1. Visit an online sports betting platform of choice.

  2. Create or log in to your bookmaker account.

  3. Go to the events/games section and make your predictions.

  4. Input your stake and confirm all wagers to place a bet.

Popular Sports to Bet on

We continue our sports betting Philippines guide by highlighting popular sports you can bet on. You can learn about this in the subsections of our expert online sports betting digest below.


Filipinos love basketball, and it is a trendy sport in the nation. The passion for basketball betting is intense. Online sports betting sites focus on local leagues like the PBA and international leagues like the NBA.


Although football betting is prevalent in many nations, this is a recent development in the Philippines. Bettors can explore international leagues and tournaments. Football has a global appeal that is translating into a growing betting market.


Boxing is a Filipino favourite as the nation has experienced much success in the sport. This has been largely influenced by iconic Filipino boxers like Pancho Villa, Gabriel Elorde, Manny Pacquiao, etc. The direct impact is that the number of boxing fans has steadily increased and, consequently, betting on boxing events.


Betting on volleyball matches is popular among Filipino bettors. The women's leagues have notably garnered a significant following in the Philippines.


The advent of technology has also impacted how people bet, eSports being a notable example. Gamblers can now play games and bet online on a betting site Philippines.

Our experts surveyed and found that eSports is rampant among the younger generation of bettors in the Philippines. The younger demographic continues to record an increased spike in popular games and tournaments.

Events and Leagues to Bet on

Our sports betting Philippines digest overviews the various events and leagues you can wager on. We highlight these briefly in the subsections below.


The high affinity for basketball in the Philippines plays out in the events and leagues gamblers bet on. Players can bet on the PBA, NBA, Euroleague, VTB United League and more. Additionally, any serious betting site Philippines covers seasonal events like the Olympics and FIBA Basketball World Cup.

International Football Leagues

Football also receives a fair share and dosage of the betting entertainment, with players able to bet across several leagues. Soccer lovers can wager on the EPL, La Liga, Serie A and UCL, among others. Notably, football has vast betting markets and options, often presenting the highest of all sports.

World Cup

Closely following the International Football Leagues is the World Cup. The global and premier football competition is held every four years and garners significant interest in the Philippines. Online gambling houses cover this one-month event with several distinct betting options.

Boxing Championships

Major boxing events also receive spectacular attention. This is especially true for boxing matches that feature renowned Filipino boxers. The presence and involvement of locals has increased the euphoria around the sports and attendant boxing events. Bettors can thus bet on title fights in various weight classes and international boxing tournaments.

E-Sports Tournaments

This is the final entry in the popular sports category. Bettors can wager on eSports tournaments like the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, League of Legends, and Dota 2 World Championships. The best betting sites Philippines offer multiple eSports and betting options.

Tips and Strategies for Filipino Bettors

It is commonly observed that many things boil down to plans and chances – betting is like that many times. As we conclude our sports betting Philippines review, we spotlight some tips you can incorporate into your betting.

Set a Budget

This is a potent financial tip that is often underrated. Betting is filled with several unexpected twirls and turns. It may throw curveballs at you, but having a budget will keep you on your feet. As a rule of thumb, never wager what you cannot afford to lose.

Bet on What You Know

This is the next tip in our best betting sites Philippines guide. In wagering, restrict your bets to sports that you have insight about. You can do this by conducting your own research and following insights from sports analysts and betting experts. Arm yourself with information, as is commonly said that “knowledge is power”. Do not place bets blindly or wildly, expecting a miracle.

Focus on Pre-Match Bets

Betting can sometimes be unpredictable, but this tip focuses on what you can control. Act on the information you gathered from the previous tip by utilising pre-match bets. With pre-match bets, there are fewer uncertainties compared to live betting. Only use live bets where significant changes have occurred or altered your pre-match bets.

Keep a Cool Head

This is a psychological tip, as betting can be emotional sometimes. Make it a custom not to make reactive bets. Do not allow the excitement of winning or losing to adversely affect your betting strategy. Introduce arbitrary breaks into your betting strategy as a culture. During these times, you can take a walk, engage in other activities and then return afterwards.


In conclusion, sports betting is multifaceted, dynamic and adventurous. A remarkable way to participate in this entertainment is to use the best betting sites Philippines. The importance of this cannot be overstated.

We explored the sports betting Philippines journey, beginning with sports betting, choosing the right bookmaker, criteria used and more. Furthermore, we broke down the wagering process, touched on popular sports and highlighted events you can bet on.

Finally, we spotlighted some betting tips to help you navigate and have an effective betting experience. Overall, our expert guide gives you an overview of sports betting Philippines.


This final section of our sports betting Philippines covers frequently asked questions. You can read our expert responses to common questions bettors ask below.

What are the legal requirements for sports betting in the Philippines?

The government regulates all gambling and online gambling activities in the Philippines via PAGCOR. While all bookmakers must be certified by PAGCOR, bettors must be 21 years and above to gamble. You can gamble on a betting site Philippines like BetWinner, 22Bet, 20Bet, 1xBet, and

Can I bet on sports online in the Philippines?

Yes. Bettors are free to participate in online sports betting in the Philippines. There are several reputable online bookmakers that you can bet on. The best sports betting Philippines sites offer vast betting markets and options spanning many sports.

What are the most popular sports to bet on in the Philippines?

The most popular sport in the Philippines is arguably basketball, having an astounding number of fans. Gamblers also bet on other popular sports like football, boxing, volleyball, and e-sports. Notably, eSports is also fast gaining vast popularity amongst the young populace.

Are there any strategies for successful betting?

Although no one-size-fits-all, successful betting involves many ingredients. Part of it includes understanding the various sports/markets, utilising a budget, staying abreast with information and betting responsibly.

Can I bet on international sports events?

Yes, bettors can bet on international sports events. Some of them are the NBA, EuroLeague, English Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, etc. Bettors can also bet on seasonal international events like the Basketball World Cup, Olympics, World Cup, etc.

Adults only. Please be aware that gambling may be prohibited or subject to various restrictions in your country or region. Gambling can be addictive, play responsibly.

Disclaimer: The above is a contributor post, the views expressed are those of the contributor and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.