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Best Countries To Find A Wife: The First-Rate Locations For Meeting Mail Order Brides

Want to get a mail order bride but don't know where to start? Here you’ll find all about the phenomenon and popularity of mail order brides, top countries to look for them—Asian, Slavic, and Latin destinations. Also, mail order wives legality, prices, best mail order brides sites in 2024, and more.

Best Countries For Mail Order Brides

The concept of mail order brides and mail order marriages is becoming more popular nowadays because there's an abundance of dating sites on which you can meet foreign women. In 2020, there were about 34 thousand people who were engaged in mail order marriages in the US alone, which proves the fact that mail order bride services are gaining momentum.

In 2024, there are thousands of foreign women for marriage who eagerly communicate with Western men and build healthy relationships with them. So, below you'll find a comprehensive overview of the most popular sites and countries for finding mail order brides!

Best Mail Order Brides Sites 2024

  1. SofiaDate

  2. SakuraDate

  3. LaDate

  4. LatiDate

  5. BravoDate

  6. UkraineBride4you

P.S. We have checked and analyzed even more dating sites that cater to the needs of those seeking international relationships. Read on to discover even more offers focused on mail order brides of various ethnicities.

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Are mail-order brides still a thing?

More mail order brides are going to appear on the international dating scene in 2024. The expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the mail order bride industry is 5.95%, which is relatively promising and determines the popularity of this sphere. Foreign ladies who post their profiles on dedicated services are sought-after among men from the US, the UK, and Canada. Here are relevant statistics that indicate that mail order brides are real and still a thing in 2024.

  • Almost 17% of men from the US have a partner of a different ethnicity whom they met through an online dating site or an international marriage agency.

  • More than 40% of US male representatives say that marriages with the best foreign brides have a positive impact on the outlook of society in general.

  • 75% of international couples are happy with their choice.

Best country to find Eastern European brides

Slavic brides

Eastern European mail order brides, also known as Slavic brides, are among the top choices for men looking for foreign soulmates. Based on the K-1 visa statistics, 3,300 visas were issued for ladies from Eastern Europe last year. One of the most popular countries to find Eastern European women are:

  • Ukraine

  • Poland

  • Russia

  • Czech Republic

  • Moldova

  • Belarus

  • Latvia

  • Lithuania

These ladies seem to boast all the personality traits a man could ask for, and their incredible appearances make guys even more attracted to local girls. A Ukrainian mail order bride won't fail to make your heart beat faster once you start communicating because you'll look forward to getting a message from her. Also, Polish mail order wives catch men's attention without breaking a sweat thanks to their open-mindedness and ability to find a common language with anyone.

Women from Eastern European countries have Westernized values and views, so you're likely to have a lot of things in common with them. They have genuine natures, and it's hard to take one's eyes off of them.

Top-rated dating websites to meet Slavic women

#1 SofiaDate — is a perfect option for those who are on the lookout for Eastern European brides and want to build a strong connection with them. With the help of great functionality, finding your perfect match is a hassle-free process. You can swipe the profiles of European brides and enjoy smooth interaction with them.

The majority of ladies registered on the site are Eastern Europe brides. They come from the most popular countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Poland, etc. Feel free to use the search filters and find your perfect Eastern European wife based on age, nationality, and other aspects.

All the ladies you can see online are very active and ready for international communication. You can easily get along with the woman of your dreams with sophisticated messaging options. Make the most of your love journey with beautiful ladies and set the flow of your relationships at your disposal.

#2 UkraineBride4you — you can find thousands of Eastern European wives and see for yourself why they stand out from the wives from other countries. It takes a few minutes to set up a profile and start searching for a soulmate from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and other countries.

All Eastern European mail order brides registered on Ukrainebride4you are very motivated to find mail order husbands. They actively engage in conversations and are all about dating, flirting, and more meaningful relationships.

UkraineBride4you is a legit mail order brides site. Aside from a high level of safety features, it includes a well-elaborated anti-scam policy and delivers responsive customer support, which gives a user an additional dose of privacy and protection when communicating with European brides for marriage.

#3 BravoDate — with advanced search filters, you can easily find like-minded Russian mail order brides and other Slavic brides who would want to establish the same type of communication with you as you do. If you want to find mail order brides from Ukraine, this platform will also work for you since there is an abundance of seductive ladies’ profiles from this country here.

The bragging point of BravoDate is that you can start your dating experience absolutely for free. After registering on the site, you will get 20 free credits for communication with Euro brides. This is a very generous offer, so you can explore the features of the site without any investment.

BravoDate is the right place for you because it meets all your demands and provides outstanding international dating services for reasonable prices. And the database of Eastern European mail brides really deserves praise.

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The best Eastern European countries to find a Slavic wife

Ukrainian mail order brides

If you want to find a bride, Ukraine might be the best place for you. Each Ukraine mail order bride wants to be respected and loved because they know their worth and won't fall for men who take them for granted. Their beauty isn't the only thing they can boast about, although it's the most discussed one.

A Ukrainian mail order bride is an educated, demanding, quick-witted, kind, and goal-oriented woman who will inspire you to strive for more and turn your ideas into reality. She will become the most reliable person for you, on whom you can always count. Also, Ukraine mail order wives services are full of ladies who won't fail to impress you with their strength of character and ability to face challenges with their heads up.

A lot of Ukrainian dating sites are filled with profiles of Ukrainian girls because they are among the most sought-after partners for Western men. It's easy to communicate with them because they share values similar to those that are widespread in your country. Also, many events shape their personalities, making them ready for whatever life holds for them in the future.

Russian brides

Mail order brides websites and services are filled with Russian women because some men are attracted to these ladies. It's quite easy to find a local woman online because girls from this country are ready for any kind of relationship. Compared to other ladies in Eastern Europe, a Russian mail order bride may seem different despite geographical proximity. Yet, it depends on your preferences because some guys consider Russian women as the most fitting ladies for them.

Although a Russian mail order wife may be less open-minded compared to Ukrainian women and not as goal-oriented as Polish girls, you can still consider them when looking through mail order brides websites.

The Russian bride cost is also something to pay attention to. Local ladies aren’t that demanding, so dating and building more meaningful relationships with them won’t make a deep hole in your wallet.

Czech women for marriage

The culture of this country implies local people are independent and self-sufficient, and Czech mail order brides may seem strong-willed and assertive. Nevertheless, they are tender, approachable, and flexible. It is easy to find common ground with local ladies, even if you communicate online.

The Czech Republic is known for its natural beauty, and many females from this country enjoy spending time outdoors and may have a love of nature. Be ready for different activities with your future Czech bride. You will definitely enjoy the active lifestyle.

Polish mail order brides

Polish mail order brides are seductive, stylish, and charming. Being determined and ambitious personalities, these ladies tend to always rely on themselves. Nevertheless, Polish mail order wives are still tender, loving, and caring while being committed to their significant others. Once you have a local woman by your side, you will see that your family life may be full of vibrant moments, affection, and different mutual activities. Polish brides are loyal, so you may not worry about cheating, so feel free to focus on your relationships rather than on treason.

Romanian brides

Romanian mail order brides usually prioritize the needs of their significant and are involved in caregiving roles while being committed to a man. They are often known for their hospitality, warmth, and generosity toward guests. Your future wife will be certainly the center of attention during your home parties since they are communicative and easy to get on well with. The beauty of these ladies deserves praise. You will certainly appreciate the big, almond-shaped eyes and full lips, mysterious smile, and sexy body of your Romanian mail order bride.

What is the best Asian country to find an Asian mail bride?

Asian mail order brides

How to get an Asian wife? Thousands of men have already assured that the relationship with Asian girls for sale may be exciting and fulfilling. Asia is the most popular region to encounter your soulmate since local ladies possess a unique bundle of features that align with the dating aspirations of numerous Western men.

Just imagine, 10,542 K-1 visas were issued for mail order Asian brides last year, which is the largest number compared to other regions.

If you are looking for the best Asian country to find a wife, you can start your search in Vietnam, Thailand, China, the Philippines, Japan, and other countries. Most likely, your beautiful Asian wife will have traditional views on family while being a caregiver and a passionate lover.

Those who want to find an Asian wife should pay attention to the best Asian brides USA dating sites. They include all the necessary features for aspiring love seekers to meet their soulmates without any hassle. Once you find Asian bride, your life will be infused with respect consideration, and empathy, so take action!

Best sites to find an Asian wife

#1 SakuraDate—It's known for being the reason for hundreds of mail order marriages because it helped many people find each other and build relationships. This Asian wife finder service is credit-based and has an extensive female user database, and these are the characteristics of a credible site. A great one-time offer of 35 credits for $2.99 lets you explore all the SakuraDate's features.

All profiles of mail order Asian brides on SakuraDate are verified. Therefore, you may worry about scams and fakes and focus on your romantic journey with your perfect Asian mail bride. On top of that, you can start your dating experience without shelling out any dough since you will get 20 free credits to start chatting.

You can find a beautiful Asian wife in a matter of a few clicks using SakuraDate's search filters, such as body type, height, or even religion, and establish a close connection easily with pre-written messages, virtual and real gifts, a convenient chat feature, and the ability to exchange media files.

#2 Eastern Honeys—It's one of the largest Asian dating websites with the most extensive Asian women database. EasternHoneys boasts a wide range of communication services and features, such as live chat, mails, and video sharing. Here, you can quickly find an Asian wife from Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, India, and other Asian countries.

The feature set on Eastern Honeys is just amazing. It is possible to please your Asian bride with real or virtual gifts and share photos and videos for a deeper rapport. Each Asian mail order wife registered on the site confirms her identity and marital status, so you can be sure all the ladies are real and single.

One of the top features of this Asian brides USA website is that it uses a credit-based payment system, which will give you full control over your expenses online. For new users, 20 credits will cost only $2.99 instead of $9.99, allowing you to explore the full potential of EasternHoneys.

Best Asian countries to find a wife—How to find an Asian wife online

Brides from the Philippines

Mail bride order Philippines sites are full of Filipina girls' profiles, and it's not surprising because it's hard to resist the charm of these ladies.

Take a look at the number of K-1 visas granted to Filipino brides last year. The Philippines is the #1 country for foreign weddings, with over 6,000 fiancée visas awarded. Philipino mail order brides are easy to communicate with, and you'll feel like you've known them for a while, even though you've been chatting for a couple of days.

How to find a wife in the Philippines? Finding a wife in the Philippines may be a destiny-shaping experience for you since these ladies are great at finding balance between personal and professional lives.

So, your Filipina mail order bride online will make sure to spend enough time with you and keep your relationship healthy while putting effort into her professional growth.

Besides, most mail order bride websites have filters thanks to which you can select the desired country and enjoy an extensive Filipino mail order catalog. One of the best advantages of dating and marrying these ladies is Filipino mail order brides cost. Filipina mail order brides are down-to-earth and modest, so there is no need to spend a fortune on your lady both online and offline.

Chinese brides

China is often included in the top 15 countries to meet a wife because it boasts breathtakingly gorgeous women who can make you feel butterflies the moment you see them. Chinese mail order brides are some of the most emotionally intelligent people you'll ever meet because these girls understand others without words.

The Chinese dating culture places a high value on loyalty and mutual understanding. Chinese brides usually choose one man to share their hearts and souls with. Only 4.5% of Chinese women have another relationship when they are committed, according to the survey “Sexual infidelity in China: prevalence and gender-specific correlates”. So, if you meet a China bride for marriage, you may not worry about cheating.

Thailand women for marriage

Although some guys are worried about having different cultural backgrounds with Thailand mail order brides, they can leave all these worries behind because local ladies are Westernized and understand the values American men have. It's easy for them to adapt to the foreign culture, and you'll find it amazing how much you have in common.

Based on the research “‘Unintended transnationalism’: The challenging lives of Thai women who partner Western men”, 76% of Thai brides for sale are ready to transform their relationships into marriages. So, if you are on the lookout for a serious relationship, feel free to search for your perfect Thailand mail order bride online.

Thai bride cost is rather modest compared to ladies from other countries. There is no need to spend a fortune on your future spouse since local ladies tend to have a humble way of life.

Wife from Vietnam

Vietnamese mail order wives are open-minded, kind, and caring women who make great partners for Western guys. They are great to spend time with because these ladies manage to stay positive all the time and find something nice, even in the smallest things. You won't regret using Vietnam mail order brides sites because you'll be amazed by the number of fascinating ladies.

Vietnamese brides cost is also reasonable. Local ladies aren’t demanding and strive to contribute to family well-being. Vietnamese brides for sale are budget-conscious, so there is no need to dig a deep hole in your wallet while building relationships with these seductive ladies.

Japanese wife

If you are looking for a mail order bride, Japan is a perfect spot. A Japanese mail order bride is a woman focused on her self-development, and she takes all the opportunities that might make her life better. Yet, Japanese brides also pay attention to their significant other.

You can use various mail order bride services to meet a lady who will charm you from the first message. A mail order Japanese bride is intelligent, open-hearted, and sincere. If you want to get a best friend and loyal partner, use a Japanese wife finder, mail order bride site, or Japanese brides agency.

Korean mail order brides

While in relationships, Korean mail order wives are dedicated to their partners and do their best to support and care for them. With such a wife, any of your problems will be solved at the snap of a finger.

Local beauty standards often emphasize a femininity, and many Korean women take pride in their appearance. These ladies are also known for their sense of fashion and style. They often dress in trendy and colorful outfits. While having a Korean lady as your partner, you can be sure that you will have a young and beautiful bride.

What is the best Latin country to find a wife?

Latin mail order brides

Finding a Latin mail order bride might be one of the best decisions you'll ever make because these girls are passionate, emotional, and quick-witted. Based on the research “Intermarriage and U.S. Hispanics: New research”, 12% of American guys marry Hispanic women.

There are several destinations for finding a Latin bride, such as Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, etc., so you can stick to the mail order bride service that resonates with you the most.

Best dating sites to find Latin women

#1 LaDate — Want to find Latin brides in USA? This mail order brides service impresses Western men with many Latin brides profiles. It has various features that come in handy when you need to understand whether the woman you're communicating with matches your tastes. LaDate incorporates the accounts of Latin brides for marriage with verified identities. You can easily choose foreign wives to your taste on this dating service and enjoy your interaction while spicing it up with media files, stickers, and pre-written messages.

#2 LatiDate — This is a notable site with some of the best Latin American brides. There, you'll enjoy an abundance of communication features and chat with many Latin mail order brides online. No matter whether you are looking for a young lady or Latin brides over 50, you can easily accomplish all your dating goals on LatinaDate. On top of that, it is possible to engage in video chat, and phone calls and please your lady with virtual gifts, which may give your experience an additional dose of excitement.

Top countries to find hot Latin mail order bride

Colombian brides

Would you like to find a wife in Colombia? Mail order Colombian brides will make you inspired with their optimism and ability to see something good in everyday things. Local ladies are sociable and intelligent, so it's always a pleasure to chat with them and spend time together. If you are looking for the best place to find a wife in Colombia, pay attention to legally operated Colombian mail order bride services. Legit mail order brides from the country are open to new opportunities and don't want to settle for less.

In general, Colombian mail order brides are known for their easygoing natures. This means you can be confident that your relationship will be conflict-free, and even if some misunderstanding arises, you and your partner will easily find a way out of the situation. Considering all the above-mentioned features, mail order brides Colombia sites will be a perfect choice for love hunters.

Mexican mail order brides

Mexican women are astonishing beauties. They pay a lot of attention to their outlook, and they adore accessories. Maybe no one can wear a ton of accessories the way the Mexican brides do! There are numerous Mexican women looking for American men online. They want to build serious relationships and happy families. Each Mexican woman for sale demonstrates loyalty to their partners, which makes these women sought-after partners.

Mexican brides are genuine and sincere; they never hide their feelings, and you'll feel like you've known each other for several years, although it's your first date with a Mexican woman. They have impressive charisma and are easy-going, so take your chance to meet a soulmate on the Mexican wife finder.

Brazilian women for marriage

Brazilian mail order brides are among the hottest women worldwide. These women make the hearts of American men beat faster thanks to their confidence, femininity, and joyful personalities. Brazil ladies for marriage always have sparkles in their eyes because so many things bring them happiness, and they want to share them with you.

When being around Brazil mail order wives, you'll wonder where all their energy and affection come from. Your Brazilian mail order bride will definitely enrich your life with passion and vibrancy. So, check out the best mail order bride Brazil sites to find the lady of your dreams.

Brides from Venezuela

Venezuela mail order brides value close family relationships and social connections. Women from this Latin country are also known for their beauty, fashion sense, and love of dancing and music. You will certainly like the activities your Venezuelan mail order bride will be involved in, the dishes she will prepare for you, and the experiments in bed.

It is also worth mentioning that Venezuelan mail order brides are often admired for their physical beauty. Numerous Western men are all about finding a Venezuelan wife. With expressive eyes, kissable smiles, and seductive bodies, ladies from this country are the hottest in the world. So, use the services of a trusted Venezuelan marriage agency or website to find Venezuelan wife.

Everything to know about mail order brides

What is a mail order bride?

A mail order bride is a woman who lists herself in catalogs or mail order bride services with the intention of being selected by a man for marriage. Men who buy a wife through these catalogs or websites are typically from developed countries, while women are often from less developed countries or regions with limited economic opportunities. You can’t order a bride or buy a bride literary, but you will need to pay for mail order bride sites to establish communication with a foreign wife of your choice.

What about mail order marriage statistics?

Get to know some mail order brides statistics on the prevalence of international marriages to get a better insight into cross-cultural relationships:

  • Over 80% of millennials would like to build a cross-cultural marriage with overseas brides. (acc. to “Almost All Millennials Accept Interracial Dating and Marriage”)

  • Based on the relevant survey on, in the US, the share of newlyweds married to someone of a different race or ethnicity has increased more than five times since the 1960s, from 3% to 17% in 2015.

  • In the European Union, international marriages accounted for 11% of all marriages in 2018, with the highest percentage in Luxembourg (46%), followed by Cyprus (24%), and Austria (20%).

  • In Japan, international marriages have been on the rise since the 1980s. In 2020, 3.7% of all marriages in Japan were between a Japanese national and a non-Japanese national.

  • The divorce rates for mail order marriages is about 20% or about half that of the normal American divorce rate

  • 65% of mail order brides are between the ages of 21-30

  • Couples who met online are typically more satisfied with their relationships.

  • In South Korea, international marriages have also been increasing steadily. In 2019, international marriages accounted for 10.8% of all marriages in the country, with Vietnamese women being the largest group of foreign brides.

How do mail order bride sites work?

Mail order brides sites are online platforms that connect men from the US, the UK, Canada, and other Western countries with women who are seeking cross-cultural relationships. Only in the US, the online dating industry is very developed. According to the Pew Research center (, three-in-ten adults have ever been engaged in the using of dating sites.

What is the deal with mail-order brides in 2024?

The basic process of online bride sites typically involves men signing up for the service, creating a profile, and paying a fee to access the profiles of foreign women on the site. They can then browse through the mail order bride catalog and contact the women they are interested in. If there is a mutual interest, the couple may correspond via email, phone, or video chat, and eventually, the man may travel to the woman's country to meet her in person. If the couple decides to marry, the site may offer assistance with visa applications, travel arrangements, and other logistical support.

Why are mail order marriages getting popular?

The mail order bride industry is constantly developing and getting popular. A study by the Pew Research Center found that the number of interracial and interethnic marriages in the United States has increased by 5 times since 1967. As the world becomes more connected, people have greater access to different cultures and lifestyles, making it easier to meet and fall in love with someone from another country. Moreover, the rise of affordable communication technologies such as international dating sites makes it easier for people to maintain long-distance relationships and get involved in mail order marriage.

How many mail-order marriages end in divorce?

The statistics show that international marriages with foreign brides have a lower divorce rate (35.8%) compared to American marriages (48%). This is explained by long-term online communication. People get to know each other well before they take their relationships to the next level and are more conscious about marriage. There are also multiple studies that prove the success of mail order marriages.

Where do the most mail-order brides come from?

It's hard to tell what is the best place to find a girlfriend in the world because all men have different preferences. However, some regions are more popular than others and attract Westerners with a varied choice of the best foreign brides who charm guys from first sight. So, the best advice is to consider Asia, Eastern Europe, or Latin America as the primary destinations for looking for mail order women.

Are mail order spouse illegal?

Buying a wife online is a legal process. Some different laws and acts regulate the activities of mail order brides. For example, in the US, these documents are IMBRA and VAWA, and they protect girls' rights. Besides, suppose the international spouse wants to come to the US. In that case, she has to apply for a K-1 visa, so the authorities can be confident in the genuineness of the relationship between a foreign woman and her American husband.

How much does a mail order bride cost?

Buying brides implies online and offline expenses. Actually, the price for a mail order bride depends on numerous factors, including the site of your choice and the destination of your love-seeking ventures. Typically, the users spend about $100-$150 on communication features. If you are all about exploring your dating opportunities to the fullest and using the advanced functionality of the site, feel free to spend about $100 more.

How to get a wife from abroad?

How to buy a wife? International marriage agencies and online dating services can make your life several times better and fill it with positive moments and smiles. There are two main ways of looking for real mail order brides—online and offline. Although the second one gives you a chance to meet girls in real life, it's more time-consuming, and you can be confident that when going abroad, you'll find a soulmate right away. So, using a mail order bride site is more effective because you can create a profile, select your preferences, and go through foreign women's profiles that perfectly align with your interests.

Are mail order wives good partners for Western men?

Finding a mail-order bride is one of the best decisions for a Western man because he can find a partner who will perfectly match his taste. You'll meet a woman with similar interests, values, and goals, which are the cornerstones of strong relationships. Mail order bride sites offer various communication tools that make the process of finding a lover easier, so you can be sure that a foreign bride will become your best friend, loyal partner, and passionate lover.

Are there websites with women of the best nationalities to marry?

Once you've decided on the best countries to meet a loyal wife for you, it's easy to choose from a variety of specialized mail order brides platforms and meet the girl of your dreams. Men share positive experiences from meeting international brides online because this option offers using many international dating sites with huge female users databases. So, the best countries to find a bride are different for all men, but there are many sites where you can find perfect foreign women looking for marriage.

What are the disadvantages of mail-order brides?

The main disadvantage of mail order brides is that you can’t interact with them physically on mail order brides services. You will need to dedicate your time only to chatting or video sessions. However, it is always possible to bring your experience to life when you are both ready.

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