Sporadic Communal Clashes In Gujarat Before Dusshera; Several Arrested

The communal tensions in Kheda broke out during a Garba dance arranged to celebrate Navaratri festival

Clashes in Gujarat Before Dussehra

In the eve of Dussehra, communal tensions broke out at Vadodora in Gujarat leading to at least 40 arrests from different groups in the city.

Already several FIRs have been filed. As per the reports, Police have been taking rounds of the area to avoid further eruptios. One of the Police officials of Vadodora Rural Police PR Patel said, “FIR has been filed. Accused from both sides, 25 and 15 people, have been arrested. Police patrolling is underway.”

What led to the clashes?

The situation got tensed in the vegetable market of Savli town as the celebration over an upcoming Muslim festival allegedly hurt the sentiments of the other community.

According to Patel, “A Muslim festival is coming up, owing to which a local group had tied their religious flag on an electronic pole. There is a temple nearby. Clashes broke out after another local group went to convey how their religious sentiments were hurt,” NDTV reported.

The clashes broke out on October 3, just two days before Dussehra.

Reported Attacks on Garba in Kheda

In a parallel development, at least six persons were injured in Kheda district of Gujarat after some intruders pelted stones at a group of Garba revellers.

Kheda Superintendent of Police Rajesh Gadhiya said, “A group of people led by two men identified as Arif and Zahir entered the Navratri Garba venue and started causing trouble. They even pelted stones.”

Referring to the police deployment he added, “Six persons were injured. We have deployed police force in the village and efforts are underway to arrest the accused.”

The stones were allegedly pelted at the village square where the garba dance had been organised by a local group to celebrate the Navaratri festival.