Another Mewat Gang Member Held In Rs 34 Lakh ATM Heist In Badarpur

After stealing the money from the machine, the accused dumped the machine in Mewat area, said the police officer.

ATM theft.

A 32-year-old man was arrested for allegedly lifting an ATM machine in Badarpur area in southeast Delhi and stealing Rs 34 lakh from it, officials said on Wednesday. 

Tayyab, the fourth arrest in the connection, is an active member of an interstate Mewat-based gang. He was allegedly lifting ATMs in Delhi NCR and adjoining states, they said.  

"Based on the disclosure statements of the earlier arrested accused in the case and further tip-off, Tayyab was arrested on Monday night near an apartment in Alaknanda area of south Delhi. 

“A single shot pistol of .315 with three live cartridges was recovered from the accused," Jasmeet Singh, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) said. 

On March 31 night, an ATM of a public sector bank was found missing in Badarpur area. The machine contained at least Rs 34 lakh, which was stolen by the accused, police said.  

During interrogation, Tayyab confessed to being a member of the Mewat gang, they said.

He confessed that he, along with his four associates, had come to Delhi in a car and used another car parked beneath Badarpur flyover to steal the ATM 

After stealing the money from the machine, they dumped the machine in Mewat area, the officer said. 

"Tayyab had arranged the car for the gang members to come to Delhi,” he said

“Members of this gang have been involved in more than 20 crimes such as lifting of ATMs, attempt to murder, assault on police, hurting, intimidation, vehicle lifting, and possessing illegal weapons in Delhi NCR," he said. 

Three members of the gang -- Imran (35), Salman (26), and Shakeel (32) -- were arrested last Wednesday.

An investigation is still on to arrest the remaining members of the syndicate, police said. 

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