Heavy Rains, Storm Hit Spain's Majorca Airport; Runways Flooded, Flight Ops Hit | Visuals

After resuming operations, Aena recommended passengers to consult with their respective airlines before travelling to the Palma de Mallorca airport.

Visuals shared by users on X from the Majorca airport. Photo: X

As heavy rains lashed the famous holiday island of Majorca in Spain, flooded runways at its airport brought flight operations to a halt.

Several users took to social media X, sharing videos from the airport. One of which even suggested that water was leaking from the ceiling of the shopping area in the airport complex.

The airport, situated in Majorca's capital of Palma, recorded a rainfall of nearly 5 cm (2 in) per hour, going up to 9 cm (3.5 in) in less than an hour, as per national weather agency AEMET's station at the airport, The Telegraph reported.

In one of the many videos shared on X, an airport worker, dressed in shorts and a high-visibility yellow jacket, was seen diving backwards into the water on the flooded runway.

With the rain pouring in through the roof, passengers were seen running for cover as eyewitnesses reportedly called the situation to be a "chaos". Visuals of the water coming in from the roof were also shared on the microblogging site, X.

Operator of the Palma de Mallorca Airport, Aena, confirmed that there was flooding in the terminal building and at the some entrances to the complex.

"Palma de Mallorca Airport has temporarily paralysed operations due to the impact of a strong storm, due to the impossibility of operating safely," it was quoted as saying in a statement.

Meanwhile, one of the airport workers was also seen waddling through knee-deep waters at the runway area.

According to a Daily Mail UK report, airport officials had said that as many as 100 of the "more than 900" scheduled flights at the Majorca airport, including several of those from British travel spots like Gatwick, Bristol and Luton had also taken a hit due to the flooding.

Being the third largest airport in Spain, the facility activated its emergency plan and redirected flights to Majorca to alternative airport, transport minister Oscar Puente was cited as saying by Sky News.

As the rain subsided, the operations at the airport resumed, Puente added.

Aena also issued a statement about the airport reactivating its operations after being hit by the storm. "The first take-offs and landings have already begun and it is expected that the diverted flights will land during the afternoon at Palma airport."

However it recommended passengers to consult with their respective airlines before travelling to the Palma de Mallorca airport.

Notably, Majorca is a popular travel destination in Europe, with the island being a massive attraction to the British and German tourists.