Controversial YouTuber From Bihar Manish Kashyap Joins BJP, Says ‘Mother Asked Him To Join PM Modi’s Party’

YouTuber from Bihar Manish Kashyap was arrested for circulating alleged ‘fake videos’ showing attacks on migrants from Bihar working in Tamil Nadu last year.

YouTuber Manish Kashyap | Photo: PTI

Ahead of Lok Sabha elections, a YouTuber from Bihar Manish Kashyap formally joined BJP on Thursday. He was arrested last year for alleged 'fake videos' claiming attacks on Bihari migrants in Tamil Nadu.

Kashyap has got 8.75 million subscribers on his Youtube channel 'Manish Kasyap Son of Bihar'.

Reports quoting Kashyap said his mother asked him to join Prime Minister Narendra Modi's party.

Kashyap joined BJP in the presence of the party's Delhi MP Manoj Tiwari.

"Yesterday we came from Bihar to Delhi with Manoj Tiwari. It was because of them (Manoj Tiwari, BJP) that I could come out of jail. So I have joined the BJP. My mother is a fan of Narendra Modi. NSA was slapped on me but now I have not only been granted bail but all charges are cleared now. NSA is also withdrawn...my fight against those who defame Sanatan will continue," Manish Kashyap was quoted as saying.

He added, “I will work towards strengthening the BJP in Bihar. Lalu's family looted and destroyed Bihar.”

“Only BJP could have given this honour to the son of a poor family...There are a few parties in Bihar that don't let you even join if you don't approach with full (of cash) suitcases. BJP respects the poor, women, a YouTuber, a mother. So, BJP is a different party and that is why it has emerged as the biggest capable party in the world...I will keep working for nationalism as I have always done. When I used to do it earlier, a few parties used to frame me and jail me. A lot of BJP leaders supported me...If I am safely out of jail today, it is due to the blessings of my mother and thesupport of BJP leaders,” Kashyap said as per new agency ANI.

On the occasion Tiwari reportedly said BJP respects people like Kashyap who raise issues about the poor.

Kashyap’s last year controversy:

In March 2023, Kashyap was arrested for circulating alleged ‘fake videos’ showing attacks on migrants from Bihar working in Tamil Nadu. He was arrested in Bihar and then subsequently taken to Tamil Nadu’s Madurai jail where he spent months, before being released in December 2023.

The alleged fake videos came amid tension between Bihar and Tamil Nadu while Tamil Nadu chief minister MK Stalin issued a statement asking the Bihar migrants not to believe in those rumours.