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'Gullak 4' On SonyLIV Review: The Mishra Family Retains Its Warmth But Story Falls Short Of Its Previous Seasons

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2 / 5

'Gullak 4' is now available to stream on SonyLIV. Is this family drama worth watching or you can choose to skip it? Read the full review to find out.

Gullak 4 On SonyLIV Review
A still from 'Gullak 4' Photo: IMDb

After three successful seasons that have resonated with the audience, The Viral Fever is back with the new season of ‘Gullak.’ The show has been praised for its simplicity and relatability. With five warm episodes, ‘Gullak 4’ is now available to stream on SonLIV. The show has already started making waves on social media as people have started to find bits and pieces of themselves in the Mishra family. In case you are planning to start your weekend binge by watching ‘Gullak 4’ on SonyLIV, then here’s all that you need to know about this family drama.

‘Gullak 4’: Story

In ‘Gullak 4’, the story picks up from Santosh (played by Jameel Khan) and Shanti Mishra (played by Geetanjali Kulkarni) as they grapple to communicate effectively with their younger son Aman (played by Harsh Mayar), who is now stepping into adulthood from adolescence. Their elder son, Anand (played by Vaibhav Raj Gupta), is frustrated with Aman’s rebellious behavior. As Aman explores new experiences like first love and forming new friendships, his sudden behavioural changes become a point of concern for his family. From showing disrespect to his family to not greeting Bittu ki Mummy (played by Sunita Rajwar), Aman’s actions lead his family to step in and bring him back on the right path.

The show will also focus on the dynamic between Anand and Aman. It will also deal with how Anand deals with his office and the stress from his boss. The show revolves around the theme of generational conflicts in Indian nuclear families.

‘Gullak 4’: Performances

The best part about ‘Gullak 4’ is how none of the performances overpower each other. The show revolves around a family and just like every member of a family, the cast stands out in their light.

Geetanjali Kulkarni delivers a pitch-perfect performance as the homemaker Shanti, capturing the essence of her character with remarkable authenticity. Her dialogue delivery is impeccable as she delivers some of the most scathing lines sweetly, just like your mother. She balances this wit with her vulnerable side with finesse. Her performance is complimented by Jameel Khan, playing Santosh, who stands out with his delivery and the sarcastic exchanges with his wife. His comic timing and natural delivery add a delightful layer to his character.

Vaibhav Raj Gupta excels in his role as Annu, demonstrating a wide range of emotions as both a dutiful son and an older brother. His performance is nuanced and engaging. In this season, we also see him as an employee. He has encapsulated all shades of his character with ease. Harsh Mayar, as Aman, has evolved in his performance. Season 4 delves into much detail about his life. From his first crush to bunking classes, he has captured the nuance of teenage angst well. At one point, it might feel that you are watching a teenage version of yourself on the screen.

Sunita Rajwar, as Bittu ki mummy, continues to entertain the Mishra family and audience with her antics. However, this season we also get to see another shade of her cunning character that makes her even more human and relatable.

‘Gullak 4’: Script, Direction & Technical Aspects

The best part about ‘Gullak 4’ is how crisp and concise the episodes are. The show is well-directed, and the episodes pan out well, making it perfect for a binge watch session. With just five episodes, the show comes straight to the point, and it does keep running around in circles to make a point. Along with the direction, the show is well-edited because none of the parts in any of the five episodes will make you want to hit the skip button.

The camera work and the cinematography are another feather in the cap of the makers. There is a certain sepia tint to the scenes which sets the mood and tone for the entire series. The makers have captured the essence of the Mishra house – be it their terrace, their rooms, or even their courtyard. The set has been well designed and it feels like you are watching a family indulge in their daily activities. Additionally, the music is soothing and tends to stay with you.

What particularly does not work for the show this season is the writing. The gullak (voiced by Shivankit Singh Parihar) gives you a dose of reality like the previous seasons, but the dialogues have started to sound preachy rather than realistic. Similarly, it feels like the makers did not put any effort into making the characters evolve. It feels like they are still on the same plane. In all of the five episodes, no moment has the potential to stand out, and that is a disappointment considering how much potential this show has. The show pans out slowly and steadily in the four episodes. It is only in the final episode that the action picks up and this approach makes it feel rushed.

‘Gullak 4’: Cast & Crew

Director: Shreyansh Pandey

Producer: Arunabh Kumar

Cast: Jameel Khan, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Vaibhav Raj Gupta, Helly Shah, Harsh Mayar, Sunita Rajwar

Available On: SonyLIV

Duration: 5 episodes (30-45 minutes each)

Languages: English

‘Gullak 4’: Can Kids Watch It?

Yes, with parental guidance.

Outlook’s Verdict

‘Gullak 4’ has retained the essence of its previous seasons. But is that all? Frankly speaking, no. It feels like the show has not progressed the way it should have this season. It feels like a regular family drama with no conflict. The conflict is only brought out in the climax which makes the entire season fall like a domino. The writing no longer feels simple and impactful, it feels patronizing. The show still makes for a delightful watch, thanks to its characters, the plot, the relatability storytelling, and the music. But in case, you want something substantial and hard-hitting like the former seasons, ‘Gullak 4’ does not stand tall. I am going with 2 stars.