Saturday, Aug 13, 2022

Father’s Day: Shriya Pilgaonkar Opens Up On Her Bond With Dad Sachin Pilgaonkar

Actress Shriya Pilgaonkar speaks up about her father, actor Sachin Pilgaonkar, who has been in the film industry for over 55 years. She talks about her bond with her dad and what sort of life lessons she imbibes from him.

Shriya Pilgaonkar With Father Sachin Pilgaonkar
Shriya Pilgaonkar With Father Sachin Pilgaonkar Instagram

The world is celebrating Father’s Day today, which falls on every 3rd Sunday of June. Actress Shriya Pilgaonkar, daughter of celebrity couple Sachin Pilgaonkar and Supriya Pilgaonkar, opens up about her special bond with her father and how has been a pillar of strength always.

“My father is my friend, my confidant, my mentor. He is somebody that puts so much love, energy, and sincerity into everything he does. He has always been my inspiration. He is also an actor and I have seen him carry himself with so much grace, and to me, he truly is my inspiration. I am so grateful that I share an honest and open relationship with my father where I can discuss everything with him and he always told me that I should never stop learning. Also, he keeps telling me that the best way to be different, is to be myself. So, it's wonderful to have a father who is constantly encouraging and supportive,” says Shriya Pilgaonkar.

Talking about following in her parent’s footsteps in the film industry, she says, “My parents, both of them, and my father of course also has always been supportive and encouraged me to explore whatever I want. I think for them the most important thing is that I find happiness in everything I do. My father is the sort of person who will find and seek joy in the smallest of things and he will always make sure that he is positive. He's in a good state of mind always to take on everything that life throws at him, in his way. He takes up everything as a challenge and to me, that kind attitude is something that I feel that I've also got from him.”

“When I decided to pursue acting, my father was very encouraging and he said to me just focus on your work in building yourself as an actor and craft and everything else will follow. Especially when it comes to acting things are so uncertain and there will be good days and bad days, and it was very important for him to also tell me that. He said, that don't just be an actor be a happy actor and that is the most important thing,” she adds.

Speaking of getting feedback from her dad about her work, she says, “He always gives me very honest feedback on all of my work. I just think the sort of energy he has, in spite of being in the industry for 55 years, and having so many experiences - not just as an actor but as a director, a producer - his energy is still so youthful. And when I see my father I take inspiration from the fact that you don’t need to have a one-word answer for your career. This is why I feel like I am also constantly wanting to expand my horizons and do so much more.”

“Also I mean my father is somebody he will always give love to people he will never be afraid to compliment people and wish well for others. And I think that is the most beautiful thing because there are too many people who can be insecure but it's important to also give yourself that love because if you don't give yourself that love and respect, then others are also not going to value you. My father is truly my inspiration and just like he is an inspiration to a lot of people. I always say this, if he was not my father in this lifetime, I would have surely sought him out as a friend,” concludes Shriya Pilgaonkar.

On the work front, Shriya Pilgaonkar was recently seen in 'Internal Affairs', ‘The Broken News’ and ‘Guilty Minds’.