Thursday, Aug 11, 2022

Darshan Kumaar On 'The Kashmir Files': It Has Been Most Challenging Role Till Date

Actor Darshan Kumaar plays the role of Krishna Pandit in 'The Kashmir Files'. The actor recently opened up about his role and what he thinks about people claiming the film is dividing communities.

Darshan Kumaar
Darshan Kumaar Instagram/ @darshankumaar

Actor Darshan Kumaar was recently seen in ‘The Kashmir Files’ which emerged as one of the most successful Hindi movies. The actor says it is surreal for him. According to a report by the Hindustan Times, he said, “It’s turned out to be a people’s film, they are supporting it. The support I received from them is just unmatched. My heart is filled with gratitude, the hugs and tears of people have shook me from within.”

Kumaar played the role of Krishna Pandit in the movie which has now earned over Rs 200 crore at the box office. The film is said to be based on the real incidents during Kashmiri pandits genocide in 1990. However, it too has naysayers, who are claiming that the film is dividing communities. 

Reacting to the comments, Kumaar said, This film is a brutally honest based on a true event. It is not against any caste, party or community. We always talk about humanity and justice. Our film shows what happens when there is no humanity. I will request those people to first watch the film and then decide. I have been getting messages from friends of different religions, they cry and talk about my performance. They said we brought the truth out.”

When asked about how important the film is for his career, Kumaar said that it has been the most challenging role to date for him. He said, “Mentally, emotionally, physically. With all due respect to other professions, I believe acting is the most difficult job in the world, it requires strength and hard work. The casting director called me, and said Pallavi Joshi ji and Vivek Agnihotri ji wanted to meet me. They showed me the heart-wrenching stories of 700 families, I couldn’t speak a word after those videos. Then they gave me the script and said ‘we want to cast you as the lead.”