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Cyrus Sahukar On Why Comedy Is A Dangerous Profession, 'Mind The Malhotras'

Cyrus is currently seen reprising his role as Rishabh in season 2 of ‘Mind The Malhotras’. Written and directed by Sahil Sangha, the show also stars Mini Mathur in the lead role.

Cyrus Sahukar

Cyrus Sahukar, who is known for his comic wit in shows like ‘Semi Girebaal’ and other such satirical comedy shows, and spoofs, find comedy a dangerous profession for those who can't take criticism because he feels that there will always be a certain bunch of people who will have a problem with everything you do and that’s on a global level.

“We have an over woke generation which is offended by everything and those people will stay where they are. If you have chosen to be in the comedy business  or comedian of any sort, you have to be okay with the fact that not everyone is going to like you and what you have to say because you are judged every second by everyone,” Says Sahukar in a conversation and adds that, “If you are not okay with that then this is the dangerous profession to be in but if you are okay with it, you roll with the blows.”

Cyrus is currently seen reprising his role as Rishabh in season 2 of ‘Mind The Malhotras’. The show also stars Mini Mathur in the lead role.

Cyrus says that Mini and he shares a really wonderful friendship. “We both joined MTV together and I was 18 years old when I first met her and she is one of my closest friends. There are many close friends  that I have in our life but working with your friends is another equation,” says Cyrus and adds that “The job is always  high pressure with a lot of work, rehearsals but with, it's just wonderful because there is no ego involved.”

“I think I really cherish my friendship with her and In life, you need people who have known you for many many years because then you know they got your back and you don’t have to keep explaining yourself to them and you don’t feel judged by them. In life nowadays to be accepted and not judged by anyone is a miracle and to have that from a friend and co-worker is just a gift,” he says.

'Mind the Malhotras' is an Indian sitcom series, based on the Israeli comedy La Famiglia. It follows the lives of the Malhotra family, who have reasons to be happy but the couple is going through a midlife crisis so they go for therapy. It is available on Amazon Prime Video

Talking about the similarity between Cyrus and his onscreen role Rishabh in the show, the actor says that they share a similar trait of being agreeable in some ways.  “The difference is I think that he is a far less anxious and more relaxed human being than I am. He is more light-hearted and handles his life quite differently. In a few weird ways, he is the sitcom version of me,” he says.

Talking about future projects and what he would love to do, he says, “I would definitely like to explore myself as a writer and creator as I feel that there are a lot I want to say and it's something I want t get  better at so I promise myself that at least once a year, I put one thing out which I believe in and which I represent and think and hopefully it gets made and I can have fun with that.”