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Sodexo BRS India gets GEEIS Accreditation for Leading the Way on Gender Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Mumbai, 10th November, 2020 - Sodexo Benefits & Reward Services, the leader in Digital Employee Motivation & Benefits services in India, has been awarded the GEEIS accreditation by the Aborus Fund in collaboration with Bureau Veritas. GEEIS stands for Gender Equality and Diversity for European and International Standard. The GEEIS label is a management support tool and contributes to promoting gender equality in the workplace. It certifies the level of resources mobilized by the company to achieve equality at work, as well as the successful deployment of related human resource policies.

This accreditation aims to establish a common standard for companies to make gender equality in the workplace a reality in terms of pay, promotion, skill development and diversity across all sectors.

Suvarna Mishra VP Human Resources at Sodexo BRS India says, “At Sodexo, we are strong believers of improving the Quality of Life of employees at the workplace. We work towards creating a healthy and inclusive work environment for our employees, so they can bring their whole selves to work regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, age, or ethnicity. Diversity & Inclusion thus is an organization agenda to which we are committed, and we are proud of our workforce for exhibiting the values of Sodexo that helped us reinforce our position as market leaders in India.”

With a mission to ensure gender balance and support the career development and professional growth of women, Sodexo BRS India has taken multiple initiatives inside and outside the workplace which are the driving principles of its diversity and inclusion programme.

Amongst various people-first policies with emphasis on gender equality, Sodexo in India has an array of diversity & inclusion programmes that have helped drive a positive culture. Pre-conceived notions regarding Diversity & Inclusion including stereotyping & unconscious bias, code of conduct, and employee sexual harassment are regularly addressed via various platforms. The company is also partnering multiple NGOs with the aim of betterment of women and children in India.

With the aim to ensure that Diversity & Inclusion does not remain only a leadership or HR agenda but, reaches everyone within the organization, Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services has launched the SoTogether Network. SoTogether is a flagship program of the Sodexo Group with a mission to ensure gender balance and support the career development and professional growth of women. The core team is entrusted with the responsibility to create the Diversity & inclusion roadmap for the organization.

Ensuring exemplary employee experience through diverse initiatives & programs have helped in improving the overall employee engagement score & morale of employees. The testimony to this is Sodexo BRS India also being recognized as a Great Place To Work for its High Trust, High Performance™ culture.

About Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services India:

The Sodexo Group works towards improving the quality of daily life for employees, partners, and customers across the world. Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services India is a 100% digital Employee Motivation & Benefits Services provider and partner to 11,000+ companies across the public and private sector. Our Employee Benefit Solutions are customized to meet specific needs of organizations and help them develop their best-motivated workforce.


Sodexo BRS India offers a range of employee benefit solutions. The meal benefit offerings include the Meal Pass card and Cafeteria Pass card. The company’s Gifting & Recognition offerings include the Premium Pass Celebrations card for festivals & special occasions and Premium Pass Rewards card for ongoing rewards and recognition programs. In 2019, Sodexo launched the Sodexo Multi-Benefit Pass that helps organizations deliver multiple employee benefits on a single card. Today, Sodexo reaches out to millions of consumers everyday across 1,700+ cities nationally.