Friday, Aug 12, 2022

Valentine's Day 2022: 10 Pickup Lines On Love From Bollywood Films That Will Definitely Fetch You A Slap In Return!

Here are 10 dialogues from Bollywood films over the years, which seem perfectly fine in the films, but when used in reality, will result in a tight slap across the face!

Here is a list of top ten cringe dialogues from Bollywood movies.

Bollywood is often accused of portraying things in cinema, which is often removed from reality, and one of the examples of that are the pick-u-lines used by, mostly male protagonists, while they are trying to woo their female counterparts. Most of them are downright cheesy, which may or may not impress the member of the opposite sex, some are downright toxic, and reek of toxic masculinity. So much so, that if anyone dares to to use these pick-up lines, they are most likely to get a slap across their face, instead of the phone number or consent to go ahead and woo them. Here are 10 such dialogues from movie films, which if ever used as a pick-up line, will not result in favourable consequences.  

“Kya ladki hai yaar… baal silky silky, gaal milky milky… yeh toh chalti phirti vanilla ice cream hai!” 

- Azab Prem Ki Ghajab Kahani  

Not sure, what the appropriate response should be, for a pick-up line such as this. Forget about how this is objectifying and commodifying a woman, this pick-up line is probably not even borderline romantic.  

 “I love you.. girlfriend ban ja meri… tu aur main rock kar denge.” 

– Rockstar

Too strong, right? Or Too bossy? Pick-up line such as these are probably the best examples of what one should not say, when they are trying to talk to someone they are crushing on, for the very first time.  

 “Main tujhe bahot love karunga aur tujhse bahot saara love lunga. Bol degi love?” 

– Band Baaja Baaraat 

How you respond to a pick-up line, where the boy is literally expecting to be loved back. The lack of will to exercise their freewill, this pick-up line is another one of those, which one shouldn’t probably say if they want to be romantically involved with someone.  

 "I wanna BB you, mail you, tweet you, skype you ... aur agar tumne phir bhi jawaab nahi diya na ... I'll poke you." 

-- Main tera hero  

Stalker alert! The moment someone uses pick-up lines such as these, that’s the cue to run away from them in the opposite direction. Almost noon in real life, would like to be stalked and be harassed, at any point in their life.  

 "Tum oxygen aur main double hydrogen ... hamari chemistry ek dum pani ki tarah hai." 

--Hasee Toh Phasee 

Are we trying to romantically woo someone, or we are heading for a chemistry class? 

 "Mere dil, jigar, liver mein ho tum waqt bewaqt aaye woh fever ho tum ab toh meri life mein forever ho tum".  

--Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge 

Don’t know if someone should feel happy or not, if they are being told that they are the reason behind someone else catching fever. Whatever be their reaction, it definitely wont end up anything remotely romantic.  

 Tere spaghetti jaise ghane lambe baal, olives jaisi kaali-kaali... actually not so kaali aankhen, baby corn jaisi nukili naak, cherry tomato jaise laal laal gaal, sliced bell pepper se bane honth, jalapeno se teekhi zabaan... chalti phirti pasta dish ho.  

-- Ki And Ka 

Okay if you are a chef, then maybe this might work. But if you are not, this is downright weird and definitely something which will not go down well.  

 Lagda hai teri ragon mein khoon nahi… rabri daudti hai rabri 

 – Besharam 

Why would someone even talk like that, in the first place? This is not cheesy, but downright creepy and warrants one tight slap across the face on anyone who uses this to try to impress a woman.  

 Ye le marriage form. Maine sign kardiya hai, 50% shaadi toh ho chuki hai. Bas ab tu sign karde toh 100%

– Heropanti 

Another classic pick-up line that reeks of sense of entitlement. For the record, pick-up lines are supposed to impress the person one is trying to woo, not scare them away!