Revealed! Top 5 International Summer Escapes For Indian Travellers

From cultural explorations and historical sites to luxury escapes and natural beauty, these five international destinations offer Indian travellers immersive experiences, ideal for a family getaway

Old town of Split, Croatia Photo: Shutterstock

With summer in full swing, Indian travellers are eager to embark on new adventures. data reveals a surge in travel interest, with accommodations seeing an 18 per cent rise and flight searches increasing by 29 per cent compared to last year. Spiritual travel is prevalent among travellers, with destinations like Ayodhya, Vrindavan, and Tirumala ranking high in summer searches.

International trips are also rising, with Australia as the top choice for family vacations this season. For summer 2024, Sydney emerges as the most searched destination by family travellers, followed by Osaka, Split, Fira and Marbella. Indian families are opting for a diverse range of destinations, from Sydney's cultural scene to Split's beaches. Here are the top 5 international destinations for summer vacations: