OT Itinerary: A Guide To Spending 48 Hours In Doha

Make your acquaintance with the glossy capital of ambitious Qatar and its dazzling skyline, where modern architecture meets rich cultural heritage in the heart of Doha

The Doha Corniche and skyline Photo: Alex Sergeev/Wikimedia Commons

The capital of tiny but wealthy Qatar, Doha, has been making its way onto global travellers' itineraries since its deliberate metamorphosis into a modern Islamic city. It is a child of globalisation and a shrinking globe almost in tandem with the Middle East's growing economic and political significance to the Western world, the characterless port of transit learned to take full advantage of its ideal location on the Persian Gulf to refashion itself as the bridge between East and West. State-owned Qatar Airways brought footfalls as the fastest growing airline in the world. Qatar Airways' total passenger count for the first six months ending September-2023 increased to 19.078mn, representing an increase of 22.5 per cent compared to the same period last year. And Doha put all its petrodollars into a makeover. The city's desire to wrestle down Dubai as the hub of the Arab world is thinly veiled. So even as Doha promises paradise in a brief layover, it is unabashed that it's not '$50 tourists' it's really after, but potential investors.